A Grateful Bacon Set List

Joseph Campbell & The Grateful Dead

The Jerry Garcia page

An Excerpt from TIHKAL by Ann & Alexander Shulgin

Terence McKenna

The Psychedelic Shakespeare Solution

Aldous Huxley on Shakespeare

It was over 400 years ago today
That Francis Bacon taught the Bard the plays.


* The Donovan Interview

* The Tom Robbins Interview

* The Ken Kesey Interview

* The Andrija Puharich Interview

Interview with Visionary artist Alex Grey


Shakespeare in the Park


Swami Baconbeyondananda

UltraSound Baby &  the Embryonic Journey(5 colorised images)

Neem Karoli Baba

JFK First Psychedelic President?

* L.S.D. and the No-Hitter

* I Took Acid with Groucho, by Paul Krassner

Great Ayahuasca Page

* Acid Art that's Finger Trippin' Good

The Secret of Elizabethan Papermarks

Liquid Crystal Vision

Calico Web...Because the World is more than black or white.

Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden and The Motionless Electromagnetic Generator & More

Who was Alan Watts ?

DWCooper's Fantastic Invisible College Blog

Join the Drug Peace Campaign

* Fun Links

The Greatest Story Ever Told



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