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Sir Francis Bacon

A colorful exploration with numerous galleries, backed with a hundred years of research that proves with detailed evidence how and why Sir Francis Bacon wrote the famous Shakespeare Plays and Sonnets.

Statement of Purpose: To explore the many facets of Francis Bacon’s life and work via the digital millennium while entertaining and enlightening you. Within this site you can participate in the monumental contributions that this Renaissance genius advanced from the quality of the English language and scientific thought to being responsible for some of the world’s greatest literature. . . .

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If the enjoyment of happiness is a great good, the power of imparting it to others is greater.” – Francis Bacon

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Bacon is Shakespeare - You just have to poke around...

Nine Degrees of Francis Bacon

 “But now we are to step back a little to that, which by premeditation we passed over, lest a breach should be made in those things that were so linked together.”
Francis Bacon