Excerpt from the book by Anne and Sasha Shulgin 1997

.....This is the thesis that was named "Inductive Inference" by the great Elizabethan scholar, Francis Bacon. His recipe for the establishment of the truth of a fact was deceptively simple. State the "fact"as a hypothesis and design an experiment that will show this hypothesis to be wrong. Carry out the experiment. If you fail, then there is little more reason to believe that the fact is indeed a fact. But it is still not proven. If you succeed with your experiment, then the fact goes down in flames, and your efforts now can be directed to the search for a different, and perhaps better, hypothesis. It is only the failure to disprove a hypothesis that can lend weight to its validity. But proof? That is not obtainable. Many years ago I had a quiet dinner with a research person from the FDA, who told me that marijuana would never be approved for popular use until it had been proven safe.

"What," I asked him, would be the final experiment that would prove its safety?"

"Well," he admitted, "there isn't really any definitive experiment that would answer that concern."

"Then, I must assume that marijuana will never be approved by the FDA?"

"I guess you're right."

This is an example of the Bacon thesis from the world of the realpolitic. You cannot prove safety. You can only fail to demonstrate danger. Marijuana is still illegal and I suspect will remain so for a very long time.

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