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(appeared in Reality Hackers Magazine 1988)


by Lawrence Gerald


Andrija Puharich was one of the world's leading innovotive scientists. {He passed away in 1995.} His primary work had been to bridge parapsychology and medicine. An experimental researcher and physician, he had numerous patents granted in medicine, electronics, with some being used for the treatment of hearing loss.

Over twenty years ego, while on the faculty of N.Y.U., Puharich began studying the Brazilian heaIer, Arigo. He is featured in a book called "Arigo: Surgeon of the Rusty Knife" by John G. Fuller. He became more controversial in orthodox circles when he described his uncanny experiences with Uri Ge1ler in his 1974 best-se11ing book," Uri." His books, "The Sacred Mushroom" and "Beyond Telepathy" chronicIed some of the work at his research center in Maine where he collaborated with Bucky Fuller, Aldous Huxley, Harry Stone and Peter Hurkos.

Seeing that humanity faced a critical surviva1 test - neutralizing AIDS --Puharich focused his energies on this challenge.toward the end of his life. It was during a 1987 N. Y. C. Psycho-tronics Conference on Disease ond Biological Warfare Control that Puharich spoke to his colleagues on the subject of Extremely Low Frequency (E.L.F.) emissions. He believes that the re1ationship between electromagnetic force fields and healing could 1ead to novel scientific breakthroughs. Afterwards, Reality Hackers, Lawrence Gerald talked with Puharich about his scientific work, and was treated to some candid and revealing remarks about the politics in the world of parapsychology.

Andrija Puharich: An incredible but absolutely truescene took place when Uri Geller was working on onefloor at Stanford Research Institute (SRI). They had Geller bending metal, teleporting things,demonstrating incidents of telepathy and clairvoyance-these things were happening all of the time. Well, unbeknownst to us at the time, there was another lab upstairs for ARPA-a computer network system. Somebody put two and two together and said: "Hey, there's a crazy kid downstairs who is bending metal and levitating things." So they cross-correlated and discovered that when Uri did something the computers would go wacko: program printouts would pop out - sometimes partly erased --- the power supply would go out on them and so on. "Somebody can affect the computer!" Panic ensued. A squad of colonels came out from Washington to sniff around and watch Uri do his thing. They came to me and said, "You know, our whole defense system is on computers and magnetic tapecards. Can this guy wipe them out? Would you cooperate?" So we took Geller to Bell Labs and to the Livermore Radiation Lab and they put together an elaborate set-up for magnetic shielding. They learned that he could wipe out anything on computer tape. They said to me, "This guy could start World War 3!"

The SRI incident was witnessed by a lot of very credible people. Captain Edgar Mitchell, the APOLLO astronaut who walked on the moon, was the overseer of the project. Russell Targ and Hal Puthoff conducted the experiments. Also participating on the team were John Hastead of Berbeck College in England; David Bohm, the great theoretician of Quantum physics, andNobel Laureate Brian Josephson. There were about 40 people on the team.

Later the Secret Service came to me and asked if Geller could activate the HotLine between Moscow and Washington. I said, "I think he could but I don't think he cares to. You'd have to pay him to do so." They said they would then consider him a "Higher Intelligence."

Reality Hackers: Or Hired Intelligence!

Yeah! By then I'd taken Uri to England, Norway, Europe. Hundreds of kids started to bend metal as a result of seeing him, either on tv or in person. So I told these Government agents that there's a lion running right through all their countries. Any kid on a caper could blow up the whole thing. It's too late! So I think they gave up the idea of killing Geller. It didn't seem practical anymore.
The next idea was to discredit Geller through a disinformation campaign developed by Ray Hyman and "Amazing" Randi. These turkeys concocted a smokescreen around Geller so that no one would take him seriously.

Do you know about Randi? Randi works for the Disinformation Department in the Department of Defense-high level research projects. He startedworking there in 1973. He makes things difficult forlegitimate psychic researchers. We can never get Randi to debate publicly. Peter Hurkos, the psychic, and myself, have challenged him and he won't deal with us. Yet the average Joe would say "Geller's a fake. Randi proved it." So they've done a good job-the Disinformation Squad. But it's all horseshit, you know.

Sounds like a Max Headroom plot. What became of SRI?

It became a CIA research center- even to this day. I know this because I trained many of the psychics involved in the psychic warfare operation. I could tell you names, places, all that garbage. There are smokescreens deliberately set up to discredit parapsychology research or keep what they know concealed.

When was the last time you spoke with Geller? When I was in London (July '87). Uri did get prosperous enough that he's able to live around the world. A recent article reported that he made forty million dollars being in show business.

Not bad for an Extra-Terrestrial. What about your own career? You've achieved a certain amount of credibility in the straight scientific community, considering what you're doing.

Well, I've done my share of straight work. But you haven't been afraid to risk your reputation doing parapyschology. Some people worry about it. Your reputation is like a woman's hymen. Once you've lost it, it's gone forever. Right?

And a certain freedom opens up. If your reputation's at issue, it may mean that you're on to something. When you're a pioneer, you have to take risks. The risks never bothered me. The fun overcomes all of that. I'll never regret the time I spent in Brazil studying Arigo and bringing his amazing abilities to the attention of the world. It was rough-being an M.D.and teaching at N.Y.U. The dean was always calling me up, "What.the hell ya doing?! " But they couldn't get me off the research project with Arigo. The county medical society called me in and I told them, "It's all real." I arranged for them to have a viewing of some film of Arigo in action. And they loved it!

When did you first meet Arigo?

Back in '61. I repeatedly took teams of doctors with me to study him up 'til about 1968. When you're there watching him operate, you can't believe it's real. It shocks every sensibility. A guy walks up to him and Arigo says, "You've got a cancer near the pancreas. Pull up your shirt. Drop your pants." He pulls out a knife, opens it up, cuts open the intestine and glues the two ends together and somehow-just like that-the person is healed! There would be a couple hundred people lined up around his house waiting to be next. The average treatment was about two minutes. All this was done without anaesthesia or antisepsis.

What's really amazing is he'd do all of this without insurance!

(laughter!) It made medical practice look foolish. He made us look like idiots. We know nothing and he knew everything.

So the book "Arigo, Surgeon of the Rusty Knife," by John Fuller, was the only well-publicized information that came out about this work. Did you try and bring him to the U.S.?

I tried, but it was impossible because of the medical pressure. When you're in this field, you have special import immigration status for people with exceptional ability. That's how I was able to bring in Peter Hurkos and Uri. But AMA pressure was too great. It was easier to go down to Brazil to the culture he was working in.

You've said that all the truly great psychics are working for the same intelligence.

It's the only thing that's gonna save us. These psychics are under the influence of a super high power. Peter Hurkos is {was} a top psychic for the U.S. Government. If there's a radar signature coming over the North Pole that looks like a missile, you'd think they'd call up the technical experts. No, they call up Peter. In ten seconds, he can tell if it's a dud or if it's real, and where it's going. That's a heavy responsibility.

With all of your hobnobbing with psychics, have you ever wanted to go gambling with them?

Just once, many years ago. I went to Las Vegas with a business partner. There were four of us, two werepsychic. We were looking to break the odds. We had about $20 to play with and our aim was to use our psychokinetic ability. There was one guy to pick out the best table, another to place the bet, and one to roll the dice. After three hours we had twenty thousand. That was my only experiment with that.

You have finished a new book, "The Magnetic Model of Matter." You also have some unique inventions , such as the Farady Cage, hearing aids, and the ideascope.(a special strobe light). All these can be seen as practical applications of your written work. Could you say something about how the Faraday Cage works?

When your're inside it, a psychic, for example, has their performance inccreased by a thousand fold. A Farady cage shields you from the electromagnetic radio waves, allowing only extremely low frequency (E.L.F.) magnetic waves to get through. I don't think there's a psychic warfare research lab that doesn't make use of them today.

Do you have the patent on it?

No. I applied for one but didn't receive it. I had a lawsuit with the Department of Commerce that went on for three years. A famous lawsuit. The judge ruled that the invention couldn't work because E.S.P. doesn't exist. It was a funny case.

What is the Ideascope?

It's an ordinary strobe light, but very high-powered.You look into this strobe light, a single point source, and you adjust the frequency of the strobe to your own alpha -waves. When that happens, instead of seeing one point, you suddenly see two. It splits. What it does is separate the two halves of the brain functionally. And, what you then see is two circles, one on each point. When you see two circles move together, they form a vesica-pisces. In other words, a fish-like figure with a dark and light space. We've tried this out on sucessful businessmen who never heard of E.S.P., tested them, and they scored greatly!

After five or ten experiences, you're ready for the next stage which involves a video tape with instructions that help you develop concentration levels that lead to out of body experiences at will.

You have one of the most famous published reports of teleportation on record. Uri was walking down a steet in Manhatten and the next thing he knew he ended up 36 miles north at your old home in Ossining, N.Y.

He was with a woman named Maria Janis (she's Gary Cooper's daughter). He left the apartment they were in to go jogging. Within two minutes of leaving 68th and Park, he somehow landed in Ossining which is 36 miles away. I was home alone. I heard this huge crash and thought it was an earthquake. I couldn't find the source of it at first, and then I heard this bleak voice, "Andrija! Andrija! " There he was crumpled up on the floor. He was intact and wasn't hurt at all. I've had a lot of that kind of stuff with Uri.

He's not in control of any of that, is he?

He won't admit it, but I can tell you after researching him for years that he's E.T." Like The Man who Fell to Earth", he just wants to be a regular person.

Wouldn't it be better if he was more in control of the situation?

Maybe it would be for you. He doesn't care. He's bored by the whole thing. I think he's waiting to get off the planet. Everyone thinks of him as a show business personality but his chief work for a long time was being in charge of psychic warfare operations for theIsraeli Army. No matter where he works in the world, he basically works for them.

I've heard that in the '73 Egyptian lsraeli war, he knocked out Egypt's radar.

I was there.

Wasn't that classified information which somehow got leaked out?

Well, now it's coming out. I asked him if I could talk about it, and he said, "Yeah, I don't care anymore."

Sixteen years of high security and he's had it!

When was the last time you saw a UFO ?

A real UFO? (says this with an amused smile and a twinkle in his eye.) A few months ago. What they do is appear when I'm in danger. They give me a warning and take care of these CIA turkeys and such. But I'm not really interested in UFOs per se, or Uri, or metal bending. They are all just pointers on how the mind works. Nobody in the world ever heard of metal-bending until I started working with Uri. It took me about 10 years until I was able to measure the energy coming out of Uri's hands- which is 7 Hz instead of the usual eight. Now we know more about the nature of electron flow which, in matter, causes metal to bend. This is what I am most interested in right now.

What do you think about superconductivity?

Very competitive research. It's gonna change all of life. I've got a research project in this area as well. All the magnetic energy, the magnetism inside any matter can be expelled, which is probably the way UFOs work. It requires no energy once you get it going.

l notice you are wearing a watch that says "Teslar" on it. Where did you get that?

I have a company called E.L.F.(Extremely Low Frequency) Cocoon Corp. I designed this very sensitive piece of equipment. It gives off an 8 Hz frequency. The watch was a ten-year project. I began to understand that there is a frequency vibration emitted by all these healers. So I developed some unique equipment that could measure this. When healers lay their hands, or energy, on someone, they put out exactly 8 Hz magnetic frequency-the same vibration emmited by crystals. This is universal.

I was concerned about the E.L.F. warfare that the Russians had started using in 1976. They're bombarding everything and everybody. E.L.F. can be real bad for you as it can affect DNA at the right vibration. I spent three years trying to convince the American, British, and Canadian Intelligence communities that the Soviet E.L.F. signal does, indeed, affect the DNA.

At first they thought I was smoking some weird stuff but eventually they understood and acknowledged my ideas. So I developed something that would protect the individual from the E.L.F.-The Teslar. I named it after Nicola Tesla, whom I consider one of my most important teachers. The watch also dramatically lowers high blood pressure and prevents jet lag if you fly with it on.

I have been battling with the C.I.A. for the past two years because they have tried everything to suppress this invention. They don't want anyone to believe that E.L.F. exists and has adverse affects. Of course, now they're using it in covert warfare with the U.S.S.R.

You must have a great dossier! Whenever these agents are having a boring week they must say, "Let's see what Puharich is up to, get his file and see how we can slow him down."

(disguised voice) "He's a prognosticator. We'll get on his trail and follow him." Man's gotta do what he gotta do.

And like they say, "When the going gets tough, the weird turn pro!"



Peter Hurkos was a professional psychic who helped police departments all over the country in catching criminals and locating missing persons . He was a popular psychic for the stars in Hollywood between the

60's and 1980's. In 1941 while working as a painter in Holland, Hurkos became psychic after he fell from a ladder and suffered a brain injury. Andrija Puharich discovered him in 1956 and brought him over to the U.S. to do pyschic experiments. He died in 1991 at the age of 77. There is a book about him called "The Amazing World of Peter Hurkos."

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