Dr. John Dee. A Letter. London 1603

A letter, containing a most brief Discourse Apologeticall, with a plaine demonstration,and feruent Protestation, for the lawfull, sincere, verie faithfull and Christian course, of the Philosophicall studies and exercises, of a certaine studious Gentleman:an ancient Seruant to her most excellent Maiestie Royall...(Colophon:) 1603. At London Printed by E. Short, dwelling on Bred- streete hill neere to the end of old Fish-streete at the signe of the Starre.

The S.T.C. records three copies of an earlier edition of 1599, but no copies of th present edition, although it lists four examples of a later (1608?) version in which the original title has been supressed and a half sheet inserted being verses dated June 8th, 1604. In the new list of additions and corrections to the S.T.C. by Bishop there is no mention of the present edition either. This is a most interesting work which contains a complete list of works by Dee which is offered in self-justification. In 1583 Dee went on a long visit to the continent with the imposter Kelley and during his absence the mob broke into his house at Mortlake and destroyed most of his library and his instruments: it is also evident that various charges of unlawful studies were levelled at him in his absence. Dee returned, without Kelley, in 1589 and this "Letter" was originally written soon after his return; anyhow he was speedily restored to royal favour and the present work probably played a large part in this.

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