Using Shakespeare's Insights to Transform Your Life

Dr. George Weinberg
Dianne Rowe



Introduction : Understanding the Six Stages of Will Power!

Recognizing Your Uniqueness As A Person

1. Othello as Role Model : Taking Responsibility for Every Detail of Your Life
2. Caesar's Mistake : Never Lose Touch with Your Emotions

Developing The Force of Empathy

3. Antonio's Virtue : Never Remind People of What You've Done for Them
4. Falstaff's Genius : Making Others Look Good
5. Polonius's Downfall : Don't Give Advice
6. Valentine's Valentine : Moving Ahead by Flattery
7. Mark Antony's Art of Argument : How to Persuade Others

Living By Your Own Standards

8. Hamlet's Dilemma : Make Up Your Mind
9. Richard III's Tyranny : Don't Live by Other People's Moods
10. Horatio's Bad Habit : Don't Put Yourself Down
11. Fortinbra's Fortitude : Profiting Through Other People's Success

Be Active, Not Reactive

12. Finding Romeo : Recognizing Love When You See It
13. Iago's Toxicity : Looking for the Poisonous People in Your Life
14. Desdemona's Delusion : Women Who Trust Their Husbands Too Much

Avoiding Obsessions and Compulsions

15. Lear's Blindness : How Not to Be Old Before Your Time
16. Cleopatra's Manipulativeness : The Dangers of Too Much Mystique
17. Sly's Narcissism : Don't Let Power Get to You

Spirituality as the Ultimate Sense of Being

18. Prospero's Secret : Finding Someone to Love
19. Portia's Power : Mercy Transcends All
20. Malvolio's Melancholy : Reaching the Highest Stage
21. Final Curtain : Seeing the World Through Other People's Eyes

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