Published Writings of Harvey Wheeler


Fail-Safe (1962) Eugene Burdick & Harvey Wheeler, McGraw Hill; Re-published, 1999, by Ecco Press, now part of Harper-Collins.

Democracy in a Revolutionary Era, (1968) Harvey Wheeler, Encyclopaedia Britannica Bicentennial Perspectives; Published separately by Praeger. New York

Democracy in a Revolutionary Era" (1970) Praeger, New York

Beyond the Punitive Society (1973) editor and contributor, W.H. Freeman, San Francisco

The Structure of Human Reflexion, (1990) Ed and contributor, Peter Lang, New York.Co-Founder/Editor, Journal of Social and Biological Structures (1975-1990) Academic Press, London


Chapters in books (a limited selection):


"Natural Law and Human Culture" (1963;1966) in John Cogley, ed. Natural Law and Modern Society World Publishing Co.;Meridian (1966)

"The Political Implications of the Scientific Revolution"(1966) in Helmut Krauch, Ed, Wissenschaft und Politik

"Artificial Reasoning Machines and Politics" (1972) in Computers and the Problems of Society, AFIPS

Constitutionalism" (1975) in Vol 5, Handbook of Political Science 8 vols, ed Fred N. Greenstein & Nelson Polsby, Addison-Wesley, Reading Ma.

Science out of Law; Francis Bacon's Invention of Scientific Empiricism, (1982) in Essays in Honor of Francis Wormuth,American Universities Press, Washington, D.C. .

Francis Bacon's New Atlantis; The Mould of a Lawfinding Commonwealth (1990) in Studies in the Literary Imagination, edWm. Sessions

The Archival Function (1991) in Convergence Keynote Address, ALA, LITA Boston.


Selected Articles:


"The Constitutional Ideas of Francis Bacon" (1956) Western Political Quarterly vol 9

"Calvin's Case (1608) and the McIlwain-Schuyler Debate"(1956) American Historical Review vol 61

"Problems of Stalinism" (1957) Western Political Quarterly September

"Abraham '59 - A Nuclear Fantasy" (1959) (pen name, F.B. Aiken) The Nation Magazine, This is the story on which Fail-Safe was based. It determined the victory over in the Columbia Pictures law suit.

"The Role of Myth Systems in American-Soviet Relations" (1960) Conflict Resolution vol IV #2

"Constitutionalism and the Quixotic" (1960) Natural Law Forum vol 5

"The Challenge of Bureaucratized Science" (1964) Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists January

"The Logic and Limits of Technology - Means, Ends and Human Institutions" (1967) The Nation Magazine January 2

"Bringing Science Under Law" (1969) The Center Magazine vol II

"America's Baroque Constitution" (1970) New York University Law Review

"The Rise of the Elders", (1970) Saturday Review, December 5, 1970

"Bringing Science Under Law" (1971) Dialogue (USIA publication) vol 4 ##1

"The Phenomenon of God" (1971) The Center Magazine vol 5 #2

"Religion and Revolution" (1974) The Center Magazine vol vii #5

"Foundations of Constitutionalism " (1975) Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review

"Human Sociobiology; An Exploratory Essay"(1978), Journal of Social and Biological Sructures

" Constructional Biology"(1982) (co-author) Journal of Social and Biological Structures

"The Invention of Wisdom; From the Discovery of Audial Psychophysics to Plato's Politics" (1982) in The Structure of Ancient

Wisdom Symposium ed. Harvey Wheeler, Journal of Social and Biological Structures, vol 5

"The Invention of Modern Empiricism; The Juridical Foundations of Francis Bacon's Philosophy of Science" (1983) Law

Library Journal vol 76 No 1

"The Structure of Judgment; A Constructional Biology of Hermeneutics" (1987) Journal of Social and Biological Structures vol10

"The Virtual University"(1990) Point, Sprinter-Verlag, Fall

"Alex Comfort's Biology of Ontology; Implications for Gerontology, Phgenomenology and the Philosophy of Science" (1998) Experimental Gerontology

"Francis Bacon's "Verulamium"; The Common Law Template of the Modern in English Science and Culture."(1999), Angelaki issue on "Judging the Law.

"The Semiosis of Francis Bacon's Scientific Empiricism" (in press) Semiotica

"The Case of the Post-Nati; Baconian Foundations of Constitutionalism," (1991) submitted to Political Research - paper delivered at Univ. of London symposium, Sept, 1999.

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