DW Cooper

Sirbacon.org gives tribute to longtime friend and colleague, D.W.Cooper, who suddenly passed away at age 57, on 3/3, 2005 from cardiac arrest after suffering from severe effects of the flu.

It was in 1983 that I first met Don Cooper in Berkeley, CA and we began an enthusiastic friendship with many stimulating discussions that covered a wide range of subjects including, The Beatles, Nicolai Tesla, JFK assassination, science and mysticism,The Philadelphia Experiment, Philip K. Dick, Synchronicity, Dreaming, fractal art, first cause theory, and the authorship of Shakespeare. In 1989 we collaborated with the permission of Arthur M. Young and his Institute for Consciousness Research in Berkeley, CA. on a class on the Bacon-Shakespeare subject. It was from this class that sirbacon.org developed.

Don was self-taught in the area of quantum theory and loved to study the many theories of contemporary physics while finding novel ways to convey these worlds via his passion with fractal art form. Some of Don's art can be viewed on the sirbacon website.

A man of great wit and humor Don maintained a blog called the Invisible College which synthesized all of his ongoing interests and activities. The Invisible College blog will continue on with the help and support of his friends. He is survived by his long time sweetheart, Crystal. For those that knew Don and would be interested in attending a memorial service please contact me. - Lawrence Gerald








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