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The Martrydom of Francis Bacon by Alfred Dodd


Despite the historic reality  there  are writers who still to this day that ignore the historical facts and out of ignorance, maybe jealousy, maintain that Bacon was guilty of bribery and prefer not to correct themselves. It is ironic that Edward Coke a long time nemesis of Francis Bacon, wrote : “The Slander of a dead man is a living fault,” when he had slandered Francis Bacon many times while both were alive.
In Alfred Dodd’s book, The Martrydom of Francis Bacon : he clears Bacon’s name from the false bribery charges that Bacon HAD to plead guilty to in order to save King James from political turmoil. This book delves into the narrative account that led to Bacon’s 1621 impeachment as Chancellor of England. Bacon was a man of Honor and Integrity and because of his unjust impeachment this may have contributed to being another reason why he chose to remain anonymous when the Shakespeare First Folio came out 2 years later in 1623.
The Martyrdom of Francis Bacon along with the Nieves Mathews, seminal ” Francis Bacon History of a Character Assassination” nmathewsbook vindicate Bacon’s innocence. also would like to thank Dr. John Torbert, for his dedication and contribution in digitizing the Martyrdom book.

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