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The 1623 Shakespeare First Folio: Part 5

Part 5 of the latest masterpiece by A. Phoenix.

To the memory of my beloued, The Avthor Mr. William Shakespeare signed by Ben Jonson

2 Minute Trailer Rare Ben Jonson

Honest Rare Ben Jonson is the star witness for the Stratfordians who claim he was no liar and would not have been party to any deception where in fact the very opposite is demonstrably the case.

The evidence revealed in this article reveals that the great Ben Jonson the lover of ciphers, anagrams, and the art of ambiguity participated in the most remarkable literary ludibrium (a veritable comedy, farce, illusion, etc) in the history of humankind, that the illiterate/semi-illiterate William Shakspere of Stratford was Shakespeare, the greatest poet and dramatist of all time.

By his own admission Ben lied when the circumstances demanded it and Professor Riggs states that he frequently ‘gulls his audience, but Jonson’s falsehood has the capacity to educate as well as to delude.’
Honest Ben Jonson was completely capable of secrecy and ambiguity and in his epistle addressed to his beloved author in the First Folio, he repeatedly conveys to us that his confidante and Rosicrucian brother Francis Bacon is our Secret Shakespeare.

This gives lie to the Stratfordian fraud maintained and perpetrated by orthodox Shakespeare scholars who directly and indirectly benefit from the transparent deception that William Shakspere wrote the Shakespeare works.



To the memory of my beloued, The Avthor Mr. William Shakespeare signed by Ben Jonson


The entire book by A. Phoenix will be shared over the coming weeks and the discussion will continue on the B’Hive Forum.