Sir Francis Bacon Slide Show CD- ROM  



174 images with original soundtrack

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Video Interviews With :
* author Jean Overton Fuller
*handwriting expert Maureen Ward Gandy
* Virtual Mark Twain

*The Master Plan of Sir Francis Bacon Rap Song Video

Bonus Text Material

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"" Really enjoyed all the contents of your CD, I played it at school and my teacher said it opened her mind to the idea that Shakespeare may have been Francis Bacon after all." Shauna Collins, St. Louis, Missouri

"The slideshow is a very loving tribute to a great master. And I loved the music that accompanied it. I'll check out the other files on the CD as I get time. Thanks again!" Gwen Kastor, Pacific Palisades, CA

"I enjoyed watching the Sir Francis Bacon slideshow that you created. It is, like your Web site, captivating in design (almost mesmerizing...hmmm)." Alisa Beaton, Los Angeles,CA

"The CD was cool. I loved the rap song and the song on the slideshow is awesome too. Keep it going. Thanks." Jeanette Hinden. Illwaco, WA

"How did you get to interview a virtual Mark Twain? Your CD is fun and informative and appreciated." Jim Karstlind, Austin,Tx

"The CD-ROM arrived and just watched the slide show, entertaining, soundtrack was great, didnt know about the handwriting and Henry IV." Carrie Landon, Columbus Ohio

"Hey Lawrence , your really into this authorship thing. My English teacher wants to view it now that I told her about it. Hope she likes it as much as I do. " Peter Goffman, Nassau Community College, NY

"First time for everything, a talking Francis Bacon and wow the rap song video was funny and the slide show was nicely done, thank you." Robbie Kyle, Asheville,NC

"Thanks for the deal on the extra copies they are ciculating my dorm.It's all reinforcing that there is a Shakespeare scandal and at least your doing something about it, please let me know when the next volume comes out." Christine Cooper, University SoCal

"Francis Bacon was an amazing individual and so is your website. Thanks again for the Bacon CD." Janice Gilmore, St. Paul, MN

"The Francis Bacon CD is great, I'm going to order another one for my local library." Joel Ellsworth, Sante Fe, NM

"A friend of mine turned me onto your Bacon website, I was doubtful at first but after spending literally weeks reading the material I'm sold. Please send me two copies of the Bacon CD." Kevin Keyes, LA

I admire your enthusiasm for Sir Francis. I recently played your CD once I got the Quicktime going and now I plan to share it with my Shakespeare reading class." Doris McNally, Santa Cruz, CA.

"I was listening to a radio program in LA and your site was mentioned. I am very interested in a copy of the Bacon CD."Jim Burnett, San Bernadino, CA

"Bacon Rules and so does the Master Plan Rap Song!" Kelly Frazier, Kutztown,PA

"You got the best information on Bacon. My library has very little and your site helps out for my report. My mom is buying the CD for me. Thanks so much! " Sandy Byrnes, Southampton,NY

"Received the CD right away. Thanks. Nice art work, glad your doing this there's so much %&*(#>^%# about Shakespeare the info on the CD will set all these academic fakers straight. Long Live Sir Francis Bacon! " Jackie Sheridan, Lanham,MD





















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