The Advancement of Learning:
A Baconian Slide Show
by Lawrence Gerald


This is an overview of Francis Bacon's life and the most compelling evidence regarding his authorship of the Shakespeare plays. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome.

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Table of Contents

The Advancement of Learning

An Excellent Bacon Biography

Francis Bacon's Life Story

Francis Bacon's Adopted Parents

Anthony Bacon

A Pregnant 'Virgin' Queen?

Robert Dudley, The Earl of Leicester

Queen Elizabeth and Sons?

The Queen and Her Child

The Earl of Essex

Robart Tidir

Goddess Pallas Athena

The Double 'A' of AthenA

The Bard Writes From Behind a Curtain

Sir Francis Bacon, Knight

William Herbert: Earl of Pembroke

The Northumberland Manuscript


Bacon's Signature

Shakespeare: The Front Man

Shakespeare's Signatures?

Bacon's Shakespeare Notebook

'The Promus' and Mrs Pott

Shakespeare References in The Promus

Cryptomenytices Cryptographia

The Shakespeare Statue Scroll

The Shakespeare Statue Cypher

The Venus and Adonis Mural

Gray's Inn Law School in London

Charles Dickens on the Authorship of Shakespeare

The 'B' in The Tempest

The New Atlantis

Manes Verulamiani (Shades of Verulam)

Baconiana: Journal of the Bacon Society


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