"Do not inflate plain things into marvels, but reduce marvels to plain things."

-Francis Bacon, author of the Shakespeare Plays and Poems


" About ten years ago Mr. Joseph Skipsey, who for some considerable time had been a highly esteemed custodian of the so-called birthplace [Shakespeare's]  in Stratford (placed there on the recommendation of Mr. John Morley) suddenly and unexpectedly resigned his position and left town. It appears, however, that he made an explanation at the time in writing which he entrusted to a  friend, but with the injunction that nothing should be divulged to the public concerning it until after his death. He died in 1903. In The Times newspaper (London), of recent date we now have a full statement of the case in Mr. Skipsey's own words. He resigned  in effect because he was disgusted with the innumerable frauds to which he found himself committed there in the discharge of his official duties. As to the relics, he expressly declared that they had become on thorough investigation a 'stench in his nostrils."--The Truth concerning Stratford-on Avon, by Edwin Reed

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