"It was a high speech of Seneca, that the good things which belong to Prosperity are to be wished, but the good things which belong to Adversity are to be studied."—Essay of Adversity

"Happy is your Grace,
that can translate the stubborness of fortune
Into so quiet and so sweet a style." As You Like It ii. 1

1. Lord: " A poor sequestered stag
That from the hunter's aim had taken a hurt,
Did come to languish...... and thus the hairy fool,
Much marked of the melancholy Jaques,
Stood on the extremest verge of the swift brook,
Augmenting it with tears."
: "But what said Jaques?
Did he not moralise this spectacle?"
1. Lord : "O! yes, into a thousand similes...."
Duke : " And did you leave him in this contemplation?"
1. Lord : " We did, my lord, weeping, and commenting
Upon the sobbing deer."

(See the whole passage with Jaques' studies of human nature in the experience of the deer. As You Like It ii. 1. 2568). - Sir Francis Bacon's New Advancement of Learning