"But now we are to step back a little to that, which by premeditation we passed over, lest a breach should be made in those things that were so linked together."  Francis Bacon
1. Rosicrucianism/Masonry 

Compeers by Night

Francis Bacon & His Secret Society
History of Rosicrucians

Shakespeare: Creator of Freemasonry
Bacon & The Red Cross
FB & The Secret of the Rosicrucian Rose
Shakespeare & Freemasonry

The Temple of the Rosy Cross

The Hiram Legend

'Rare Images of Francis Bacon-Shakespeare
the Supreme Head of the
Rosicrucian-Freemasonry Brotherhood'
by A Phoenix



2. Bacon's Writings 

The New Atlantis
Quotes of Francis Bacon
Basil Montague Selections
The Essays of F.B.

The History of Henry VII
Novum Organum
The Wisdom of the Ancients
The Advancement of Learning
FB : His Apology to Essex
History of Life and Death
History of the Winds
History of Heavy and Light
Sermones Fideles sive Interiora Rerum
The Felicities of Elizabeth
Idols Which Beset Man's Mind
Regarding Stagecraft

Remains of Sir Francis Bacon


Bacon's Prayer

Elements of the Common Laws of England

Sylva Sylvarum


3. Commentary on Bacon's Works

Professor Spurgeon and Her Images
Secret Life of an Alchemist
Francis Bacon and the Decryption of Nature

Strange Fire at the Alter of the Lord :
Francis Bacon on Human Nature

Religious Foundations of FB's Thought

Bacon & The English Language
Bacon's Essay on Truth
Francis Bacon's New Atlantis
Bacon & New Atlantis
Old & New Atlantis
Valerius Terminus
Bacon101 Series by Mather Walker
FB and The True Ends of Skepticism
FB: Slave Driver or Servant of Nature
Bacon's Translations of the Psalms

The Semiosis of Francis Bacon’s Scientific Empiricism

The Four Idols
Bacon and the 17th Century
Bacon and the Stage
Bacon's Style

Lord Bacon's Interpretation of Myths

4. Biography

Alfred Dodd's Bio
Francis Rosicross
Sir Francis Bacon by Jean O.Fuller
Francis Bacon Last of the Tudors
FB: History of a Character Assassination
The Mystery of Francis Bacon
Personal History of Bacon by Dixon
The Life of F.B. Aboise (1631)
FB : The Winding Stair
Golden Lads





5. Shakespeare and Bacon  

Imagery, Thought Forms & Jargon  
Did Bacon Write Shakespeare?
Why Bacon Suppressed his Name
Bacon Vs Shakspere
Shakespeare Studies in Baconian Light
The Promus
The Shakespeare Secret
Francis Bacon Wrote Shakespeare
The Shakespeare-Bacon Essays of Mather Walker
Timon of Athens
Bacon-Shakespeare Coincidences
Shakespear's Sonnets
The Shakespeare Myth
The Bacon Shakespeare Question
The Northumberland Manuscript
Bacon & Richard II
Bacon and Hamlet
Handwriting and Henry IV
How the Shakespeare Plays fit Bacon's Life-Story
Shakespeare Quartos in Bacon's Library
Pallas Athena & Francis Bacon
On Love

Law Sports at Grays Inn

The Famous Speech of Sir Thomas Moore


6. Don Quixote  

Bacon, Shakespeare & Cervantes
Cervantes, England, Don Quixote
Legal Links Between Don Quixote & Shakespeare
The Madness of DQ Eyed Awry
Second Takes and Hidden Allusions in DQ
Observations on Thomas Shelton's Don Quixote
Chart of Phrases common to DQ, Shakespeare & Bacon
Some Notes on Cervantes
Thomas Shelton & Hamet Benengeli
Francis Bacon and Don Quixote
Who Wrote Don Quixote?
(Read full PDF of above)
King of Herrings
Don Quixote by Edward D Johnson






7. Audio & Animation & Art

Francis Bacon Speaks
Bacon, Elizabeth, Cervantes, Shakespeare Morph
Celebrity Deathmatch
Max Beerbohm animation
audio: A RapSong on Shakespeare
(The Master Plan of Sir FBacon
David Bowie comments!)

audio: Mary Ellen McCabe's
Bacon song : Destiny
Gorhambury Theatre of Masques
Think Different
Animation Mix
Authorship Issue & Jerry Springer Show
Bacon and Goddess AthenA
Francis Bacon's Study
RU Shakespearienced?
Nine Amusement Galleries
On the Road to Gorhambury
Bacon Dancing with an I POD
Manes Verulamani and Flash
Bacon is Shakespeare Morph
Bacon and The Royal Arch Jewel
Bacon writing I am Shakespeare
Cosmic Consciousness

Bacon CD-ROM

8. Bacon &  Family

William (Burleigh) Cecil and Robert Cecil
The Marriage of Elizabeth Tudor
Francis Bacon or Francis Tudor?
Wife of Francis Bacon
The Tudor Dynasty
Nicholas & Anne Bacon
Emblems reveal Royal Birth
Bacon's Royal Parentage
All is Not Gold that Glisters
Last of the Tudors-Dodd
Anthony Bacon
Essex Plot to Win the Queen
Astrology Charts

Francis Bacon The Publicist

9. Miscellaneous

Did Bacon visit Italy?

What Francis Bacon Means to me

Stanley Wells & The Anti-Stratfordians
Bacon's Innocence on Bribery Charges
Francis Bacon and The King James Bible
Francis Bacon : Chronology

Why I'm Not an Oxfordian

Mark Rylance of the Globe Theatre

Hollywood and the Authorship
Ben Jonson & FBacon
Double AA Headpiece

Bitmap : Find the 10 links on the Prince of Purple

Interview with Francis Bacon
Cryptomenytices Cryptographia
Correspondence to

Homepage of the Francis Bacon Society




















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