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Nine Primary Images linking Francis Bacon to the Shakespeare Works

by A. Phoenix.


  1. The second Rosicrucian manifesto the Confessio Fraternitatis (1615) reveals that the actor William Shakspere of Stratford is an Impostor
  2. The Plempii Emblem (1616) Depicting Fortune Standing on a Globe raising up Francis Bacon and pushing down his Literary Mask the actor William Shakspere of Stratford
  3. The frontispiece to Speculum Sophicum Rhodo-Stauroticum (1618) depicting Francis Bacon and his Literary Mask William Shakspere of Stratford
  4. The title page of Gustav Selenus’ extremely rare Cryptomenytices et Cryptographiae Libri IX (1624), depicting Francis Bacon giving his literary mask William Shakspere one of his Shakespeare plays to be performed at the Globe Theatre
  5. The 1645 title page of De Augmentis Scientiarum showing Bacon with his hand controlling his literary mask the actor Shakpere of Stratford
  6. In the address To the Reader prefixed to the 1623 Shakespeare First Folio, Ben Jonson reveals in an anagram that Francis Bacon is Shakespeare
  7. In the verse To the memory of my beloued, The Avthor Mr. William Shakespeare Ben Jonson again reveals in an anagram that Francis Bacon is Shakespeare
  8. The outer cover of the Bacon-Shakespeare Manuscript (known as the Northumberland Manuscript) that originally contained copies of his two Shakespeare plays Richard II and Richard III
  9. The frontispiece of Bacon’s La Saggesse Mysterieuse (1641) depicting Pallas Athena, the Shaker of the Spear from whence he adopted his nom de plume Shakespeare

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