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The Greatest of Literary Problems -- Did Francis Bacon write
The Shakespeare Plays?

Cowboy Cubbage For Stratford Willy
Cowboy Cubbage Rides again:
The Shoot Out At The Anti-Stratfordian Corral
Attacks By Stratfordians On Baconians :
The First Folio --The First publication of the collected works of Shakespeare

In London, England, in November of 1623

The works of Shakespeare have made a bigger splash than a whale in a wading pool. Books and articles about the author, about the book, and about the individual plays in the book would easily stock a large library, but the academic and literary professionals who authored this material, with the single exception of one man, have been hunting mice in Jurassic Park. Only Goethe, saw the Truth : The First Folio is a Model of the Universe, and its keynote is Plus Ultra.

Francis Bacon's First Bow :
The 1577 edition of Alciat's Emblems

Devices Bacon used to Mark the First Folio-- the "AA" and Archer Devices
The "AA" Device Based on The Doctrine of the Two Principles
More About Francis Bacon Authorship of the First Folio:
Six Instances of the Fingerpost that Demonstrate Bacon's authorship
A Look at the track record of The Literary and Academic Professionals
Bacon's Secret Legacy
Plus Ultra

Chapter 1 -- The First Folio-- An Examination of the Prefatory Material

Chapter 2 -- A Guide for the Perplexed- Part 1

Francis Bacon's basic concept was his Intellectual Globe:
This had two components: A Physical Globe and a Super physical Globe,
The sensual or physical and the Intelligible realm and this applied to:
Individual Man
The World
The Universe

The First Folio is fashioned in the shape of a globe
The First Folio is a model of individual man
The First Folio is a model of the cycle of the soul of individual man
The First Folio is a model of the world
The First Folio is a model of the universe
The plays are all interrelated and have a dual overall pattern
The plays are all constructed with three faces
Essays on the Comedies

Chapter 2-- A Guide for the Perplexed- Part 2

Essays on the Histories
Essays on the Tragedies

Chapter 3 -- The Tempest-- Introduction

The Tempest a compendium of the First Folio
Of the World
Of the Universe
Of the soul cycle of man
Of The Three Faces in the individual plays
Of Bacon's Discovery Device and Formula
Of Interpretation in the individual plays

Chapter 4 -- The Tempest-- Part 1

Detailed demonstration of The Tempest as:

A Compendium of the First Folio
A Compendium of the Universe
A a Compendium of the soul cycle of man

Chapter 5 --The Tempest-- Part 2

The Face Looking Toward the Past:
Allegory of the Mysteries of Eleusis in The Tempest

Chapter 6 -- The Tempest -- Part 3

The Face Looking Toward the Present:
The Anatomy of Learning from Bacon's De Augmentis in The Tempest

Chapter 7-- The Tempest -- Part 4

The Face Looking Toward the Future:

Bacon's Machine for the Intellect and Formula of Interpretation
in The Tempest with a model of inquiry into the "Form"
of all human knowledge showing that all human knowledge is illusion

Chapter 8 -- The Tempest-- Part 5

Allegory of Freemasonry in The Tempest

Chapter 9-- The Tempest-- Part 6

Conclusive proof of Bacon's Authorship in The Tempest

Chapter 10-- The Mystery of Francis Bacon : The Man Who Wore the Mask of God

Some personal experiences demonstrating our life is a dream
Time and Space are illusionary – a construct of our consciousness
All that is fragmentary is illusion, only the whole is real
The solution to the Mystery of Francis Bacon

Appendix I--List of Books Marked with AA Device --53 pages
Appendix II--List of Books Marked with Archer Device --8 pages
Appendix III --George Gurdjieff  -- 2 pages

Total number of pages 729 pages

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