A Rap on Shakespeare called The Master Plan of Sir Francis Bacon

Lyrics by Lawrence Gerald copyright 1992

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Hey Yo!, don't be frightened,
try to be Enlightened,
This is the story
about the Bard's true glory.

It's unbelievable,
But it's true,
A phenomona I'm gonna reveal to you.
Concealed as Hamlet,
running the gamut,
from Lear to Othello,
Sir Francis Bacon's our main fellow.

Reconsider what you've assumed,
without knowing his nom-de-plume.
So let's get Clear,
What's behind the mask of the
Willy, Willy, Shake-Spear!

For all those with wise eyes,
Don't be a dummy, Realize that somethin's funny,
That the Stratford on Avon hoax,
Was meant to fool most literary folks.

Ya know England's history is a little shady,
Due in part to the virgin Queen First Lady,
by tryin' to protect her acclaimed self-worth,
gave way to a concealed Royal Birth!
Plenty of Changes stemmed from old Liz,
Especially when delivering Time's Great Whiz.

It was his History in the making,
that things would get a shaken,
from the Master Plan of Sir Francis Bacon!

The inspired Sir Francis
penned the New Atlantis
And formed a New secret order of All the Ages,
which heavily influenced our Founding Father Sages.
They placed symbols on the back of a one dollar bill,
So you can still,
Recognize the Free-Mason's Will.
Worshipping the Spear-Shaker Goddess AthenA as their Muse
Eventually would lite a world wide Fuse.

Beginning the roots of modern day Democracy,
It all sourced from Free- Masonry.
And if you wish a peek at their underlying con fident i al ity
Then decipher their secrets embedded in the Shake-Spear Sonnets Diary.

So, now, you too can discover
that Sir Francis Bacon's a true brother,
Whose legacy can be claimed
Under one mighty Pen Name!

(Afterwards, hear what David Bowie has to say about the song...)

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