Review of 'Francis Bacon's Personal Life-Story'
by Alfred Dodd

Alfred Dodd was a 20th century Englishman and Mason who authored many books about Francis Bacon. His most captivating one may be Francis Bacon's Personal Life Story . Every English literature course should have this book as required reading if it was required to know who Shakespeare really was."Francis Bacon's Personal Life Story" champions the exemplary character of Francis Bacon and his extraordinary commitments to English literature, science and the making of a better world.

Dodd's book informs both the new student to the subject as well as advanced researchers on the historical relationship Bacon had with Masonry, Rosicrucianism, the authorship of Shakespeare, his Tudor identity and tumultuous relationships with Queen Elizabeth, Burleigh and Cecil, Essex, and other key Elizabethans by presenting Bacon as the guiding spirit behind the English Renaissance period. The book which was once published as two separate volumes covers the Queen Elizabeth I and King James eras.

The author has culminated a life long study with historical references and insights that surpass mainstream biographies of Bacon. Dodd also portrays the underlying censorship of the Elizabethan times. It may be interesting to note that in today's prevailing attitude in the academic world, the press, and other institutions entrusted with Bard archives, that Shakespeare authorship issues are downplayed as insignificant or amusing fads. This book will educate the public while changing attitudes about Bard politics.

--Janet Robichaux

Reviewer for The Williamsburg Gazette










 - Sir Francis Bacon's New Advancement of Learning