Queen Elizabeth I
September 7, 1533

Francis Tudor Bacon
January 22, 1561

"I must be patient 'til the heavens look with an aspect more favourable." - The Winters Tale

"The stars above us, govern our conditions." - King Lear

Elizabeth Wells Gallup
"Francis Bacon's The Bi-literal Cypher," 1900

Queen Elizabeth's horoscope highlights the three men who were an integral part of her life, her spouse, and two sons. At the unwelcome birth of her babes, the Queen immediately placed them in the homes of friends. The three men are represented by the three planets imprisoned in Elizabeth's eighth house, the house of secrets, oblivion and death. The three planets are: Sun (husband, Leicester); Venus (younger son, Essex); and Mercury (Crown Prince, Francis). The first two planets were adversely aspected by Neptune; therefore Leicester and Essex both lost their lives quite suddenly. Robert Essex failed in his mad attempt to seize the kingdom, and three weeks later the Queen sent him to the execution block.

Prince Francis is represented in the Queen's chart by Mercury, the most elevated and prominent planet; therefore he survived for sixty-five years, in spite of the deadly danger from spies and intrigue, for he used all his wits and genius. Queen Elizabeth's seventh house contained the two ruling planets of her first house, indicating her love of adulation, power and her strong entrenchment as a reigning queen. One of her seventh house planets, Uranus, squared her Mercury, the latter representing Francis, who, with all his eloquence was unable to persuade the masquerading "virgin" queen to acknowledge him as her true successor to the English crown. But Francis was an equal match for Elizabeth, as both their Moons were in Taurus, making both tremendously strong-minded. Resolute as the Queen was to disinherit her son, so was he equally determined to reveal her duplicity; just as she nullified his Tudorship, he recreated himself as Shakespeare, to become the greatest Poet, instead of England's King.

It is an apparent fact, according to the 1561 Ephemeris, that the cusps of the signs fell on the ninth of each month instead of the twenty-first. Therefore on January 22, Prince Tudor's Sun was already in thirteen degrees of Aquarius. Francis, as his Queen mother, also had three planets predominantly placed, but in his occult twelfth house. The Moon therein, in Taurus, is exalted, and endowed him with tremendous occult knowledge, but, on the other hand, kept him obscured. In addition, Francis' Taurus Moon conjoined Marguerite's (of Navarre) Taurus Sun. This accounts for the irresistible attraction!

Prince Tudor's Neptune, in its own twelfth house, in opposition to Uranus, gave him magical powers, but there was a yearning within him for his rightful temporal Kingship, on the one hand, and for lasting God-consciousness on the other. The Moon and Neptune in his twelfth house, and a retrograde Saturn on his ascendant, in Gemini, signified that his identity was a deeply hidden secret, and that his very life was in jeopardy, from his first breath to his last. The Queen is indicated as her son's foremost foe. Saturn, the planet of woe, brought Francis suffering when he was left penniless, struggling to complete his education as a barrister, nor did it ever spare him for the rest of his life. However, it was this astrological configuration which distinguished him as a literary genius, lawyer, statesman, philosopher, scientist, and occultist. Saturn on his ascendant, in the twin sign Gemini, made him versatile, inventive, dexterous, and enabled him to become the myriad-minded Shakespeare, able to write under the names of many men. Saturn also gave him depth and profundity, for this planet can exalt or debase, and Prince Francis experienced both. He became Chancellor of England, then was framed and dishonored.

The combination of Sun in Aquarius, the New Age sign, and the Moon in Taurus, endowed Prince Tudor with intuition, insight, and a oneness with nature. Being a highly developed spiritual person, clairvoyant and clairaudient, he could see into the hearts and minds of his fellow men. These occult powers, however, can only be divined in his writings, hidden under many distinguished names, many of whom (his masks) were drunkards and nonentities.

The kingly attributes of St. Alban are shown forth by his Sun and Mercury in the midheaven, in Aquarius. These two planets formed a close trine to his Saturn and Ascendant, thereby enhancing his creative genius, enabling him to produce the greatest literature of the world. Sir Francis, the linguist, also tripled the English vocabulary, so that English soon thereafter replaced Latin.

The third symbol in the tenth house was the fortunate Dragon's Head (North Node), adding to St. Alban's royal stature. The Part of Fortune in the fourth house gave him success in writing in his native land, but its conjunction with the Dragon's Tail brought delays, limitation, and obscurity.

The literature of this Aquarian Oracle shall live and indeed thrive anew, nourishing the mind, heart and spirit of the new Aquarian race of men.

The astrologer, William Lily, gives the hour of Francis' birth as 7:00 am. (Peace or No Peace, 1643 II p.168) and casts a map showing: Ascendant Aquarius 5' degrees
Sun Aquarius 12'
Moon Aries 19'
Mercury Aquarius 6' Retrograde
Venus Pisces 9',
Mars Sagittarius 6',
Jupiter Aries 19',
Saturn Gemini 14' Retrograde,
It is possible by retrospective computation to add Uranus Scorpio 24', Neptune Taurus 28' and Pluto Pisces 9'.

Roger Petrol comments on Lord Bacon's chart of 1-22-1561, Wednesday :

The chart positions as depicted at top of webpage are NOT in agreement with Gallup's text as given lower on that page for these objects :

Saturn which needs to be shown at 14' gemini retrograde,
Uranus should be shown at 24' scorpio,
Pluto could be shown at 10' pisces,
Mercury should beat 6' aquarius retrograde;
Sun should be at 12' & one half degrees aquarius;
I didn't bother with Path of Fortune computation, not knowing anything at all about Lord Bacon's rising sign, but my guess is that Saturn rising as Gallup gives does fit his character.

It appears, although one could add Pluto at 0 degrees aquarius (& Lilith Moon at 10 aries, forming opposition to her Mercury & Venus; Lilith Moon is a 20th century additive to astrology, by the way, & most people have little or no familiarity with it). Lord Bacon's Lilith Moon was at 14 taurus, thus squaring his natal Sun.

for ephemeris position of Bacon natal see


(one may find lilith moon symbol at near right edge of swisseph columns.)


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