The Passing

on the

Lamp of Tradition


In connection with this idea of the lamp of tradition there is a very interesting book, "Alle de Wercken" by a certain Jacob Cats, published in Amsterdam in 1655. Jacob Cats wrote many emblem books. It is also known that at some earlier period he had spent considerable time in England, and that he lived to a great age. Among Cats' emblems in "Alle de Wercken" is one with the title "Lampado trado" in which an old man hands the lamp of tradition across an open grave to a young man with an extravagantly large rose on his shoe buckle. The old man bears a striking resemblance to John Dee, and the large rose on the shoe buckle of the young man is exactly like that that appears on the statue of Bacon above his supposed tomb in St. Michael's Church at St. Albans.-Mather Walker

*** - Sir Francis Bacon's New Advancement of Learning