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I wonder what information I can give you about my interest in FB.It all started in 1969 when I joined the Rosicrucian's.One of their recommendation was that I should read, books written by Francis  Bacon [FB], and funny enough when I went into second-hand bookstores thereafter I would come across something he had written.

I eventually came across his "Essayes" and got suspicious that FB had hidden some message in biliteral format. I  found one message. Then went to the public library to see if  anyone else had written about the 'hidden mesages', and came across Mrs Gallup's book This was my first book on the biliteral cypher. I have searched many books written [or thought to have been written] by FB in the hope of being able to reproduce some of  Mrs. Gallup's findings.

Most of my "findings" are still with me alone, (because of the self imposed conditions that any decipherment must have only one meaning and must be repeatable by anyone once the rules are laid out). When I find some snippets of infomation I tend to "bounce" them off Lawrence to see if I get any reaction.

I have found so many so called "Francis Bacon" signatures that I no longer bother to look for them.I still have an interest in codes and ciphers, which has taken me into all sorts of different branches of literature.In trying to find what FB has hidden, he has to a certain extent, achieved what he set out to do, in that he has got me to read books that I would never have thought of reading, thus increasing my knowledge - an idea he puts forward in his "Advancement of Learning"

Graham Smith


About Graham Smith

 A 70-year-old Yorkshire man (Graham Smith) claims to have found an answer in to a question that has baffled " the experts " for the best part of four hundred years :-

 How to decipher the " Voynich Manuscript ".

In Internet "chat" with his American friend (Glen Claston) about the Voynich Manuscript he discovered that if you print a copy of a page of the Voynich Manuscript on lightweight white computer printing paper and hold it up to a " light box " (the type of thing ones sees in a hospital when the Doctor is examining an x-ray) so that the printed side of the paper is facing towards the light and the blank side is facing towards yourself, you can read the contents of the document.(ie the document is written in "mirror writing" possibly in medical  abbreviation.)

The  document that he used can be found at www.cc.jyu/~passivir/crypt/images/f77v2.jpg

If you print a copy of this page (to the best of his knowledge you are allowed to print one page for study purposes without breaking copyright rules) and hold it up to a bright light so that the printing is facing the light, and look the last two words on the second line, between the two ladies that appear to be taking a bath, you should now see the words "priva bath". Graham Smith suspects the rest of the document is a Doctors advice to young ladies on some of the things that must be done at bath time (remember bathing in the 16th century was not as regular as it is in this day and age), but you will need some form of magnification to read the rest of the document, (and no-doubt some help from the medical profession to interpret what the ladies are being instructed to do).

Graham realizes that his discovery will be subject to the most demanding test by those that have spent a lifetime studying these documents, but his attitude is that you have all the specialist equipment at your disposal, use it, and at the end of the day you will have proved or rejected his theory. Remember he did this without anything specialist equipment and so you should be able to reproduce these experiments.

Dated Saturday 10th.August 2002, copyright to Graham Smith, all rights reserved

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