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For it is expressed in the Scriptures touching the government of God, that this globe, which seemeth to us a dark and shady body, is in the view of God as crystal. In substance, because it is the perfect law of inquiry of truth, that nothing be in the globe of matter which should not be likewise in the globe of crystal or form. -Bacon from The Advancement of Learning


It would be disgraceful if while the regions of the material globe--that is, of the earth, of the sea, and of the stars--have been in our times laid widely open and revealed, the intellectual globe should remain shut up within the narrow limits of old discoveries." Bacon from the Novum Organum


All the World's a Cyberstage!

Francis Bacon regarding Theatre

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The Globe Theatre in the 1600's

The First Display Board at the New Globe Exhibition Hall

Francis Bacon And The Stage

Francis Bacon : The Expert on Religious Foundations

New London Globe Theatre

Interview with Mark Rylance :  Director of the London Globe Theatre

Kingdom For A Stage






 - Sir Francis Bacon's New Advancement of Learning