Shakspur's Signatures

The name was spelled in a variety of ways in Warwickshire. The only way it was not spelled was Shakespeare. And it was pronounced Shaxpur, though many writers on his life and works have denied this. These signatures are the only writings extant of Shaksper of Stratford. There is not a single word in manuscript of the Plays or Poems to connect him, by direct evidence, with the Shakespeare Works. There is not even a letter, a phrase, a word that has ever been known to exist in his handwriting. There is nothing on record to indicate that he could do any more than painfully scrawl his own name. There is not the slightest proof that he could express his thoughts in writing at all. There is not a scrap of paper anywhere of the debris of Shakespeare's workshop. It sounds like a Falstaff or a false spear? 

(1) 1612 May 11th, Record Office, London.
(2) 1613 March 10th, Guildhall, London.
(3) 1613 March 11th, British Museum. Though this is dated a day after No. 2, it was signed just before it.
(4) 1616 March 25th, Somerset House.
(5) 1616 March 25th, Somerset House (same document as No. 3).

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