Engraving of Hand Behind Curtain

The illustration is from Peacham's Rosicrucian 1612 emblem book "Minerva Britanna, or a garden of heroical devices, furnished and adorned with emblems and Impresas of sundry devices, newly devised, moralized and published." On the frontispiece is an oval wreathed with laurel, and a Latin motto which translated as: "One lives in one's genius, other things depart in death," Within the oval is the proscenium of a theater, the curtain supposed to conceal the figure of a man whose forearm only appears, the hand holding a pen which has just written "Mente Videbor": "By the mind shall I be seen."
On page 33, there is a design
with a hand holding a spear as in the act of shaking it. Also of note, in Powell's Attourney's Academy , 1623, in a dedicatory verse addressed to : "Francis, Lord Verulam, Viscount St. Albans......

O give me leave to pull the Curtaine by
That clouds thy worth in such obscurite"

On page 34 is a dedication to Bacon : "To the most judicious and learned Sir Francis Bacon, Knight."

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