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Francis Bacon’s Portraits from Life

Please note that it is a condition of the terms of use of these images that they cannot be duplicated or shared. They are licensed exclusively for use on the website for the cultural and educational benefit of its patrons.

The Gallery Images

Collectively, the fourteen images in this gallery of portraits constitute the most accurate impression available of how Sir Francis Bacon appeared to his contemporaries. All except one were reputedly executed during his lifetime, between babyhood and  advanced old age. It is extraordinary that so little is known regarding the portraits of such a central figure in the history of Western civilisation. This deficiency of art historical research has led to some confusion over the dates and identities of the artists of several of the portraits, and controversy still remains as to whether or not Francis is depicted in at least one of the images included in this collection. Even so, these art works passed down to us over four and a half centuries provide an essential, tangible link with the transformative heart and mind of Sir Francis Bacon, Baron Verulam, Viscount St Alban.

The Images for this gallery were collected and paid for by Eric Roberts to be shared on

“The purpose of this gallery of portraits is to provide a visual complement to the countless written texts by and about Sir Francis Bacon. We can be fairly certain that Francis himself commissioned at least ten of the fourteen pictures in this inventory of portraits produced during his lifetime. It is also certain that he wanted future generations to be able to see what the man behind the words actually looked like. During the course of research, it soon became evident that the only digital copies of Francis Bacon’s portraits available online were of small size and low resolution, and that there was a genuine need to provide public access to better quality images. Only then could the subtle details and facial expressions captured in these portraits be appreciated.Thus, the decision to purchase and assemble the best images available on behalf of all Baconians and admirers of the life and works of Francis Bacon was a ’no brainer’. This project would not have been realised without the help of Lawrence Gerald, Rob Fowler, Peter Dawkins, Gary Keegan, A. Phoenix, and The Francis Bacon Society.”

Eric Roberts