"For my name and memory,

I leave it to men's charitable speeches,

and to foreign nations,

and the next ages."

Sir Francis Bacon left his name and memory to us;

I am living in a "foreign nation," the United States,during his "next ages", the 21st Century.

So in honor of his birthday on January 22nd 2004,
which would begin his 444th year in life,
this is one "charitable speech" that will help to fulfill his own prophesy.


by Robert i Fowler


Imagine Bacon's emotions as he wrote those words.
How is it that he knew his name would be important to us?
He obviously recognized that he would die before his greatness was truly acknowledged.
In fact, he clearly understood that it would take the "next ages" and "foreign nations" to achieve that recognition.

The Truth about Bacon's greatness has yet to be realized even today.

Bacon left his name and memory to our "charitable speeches", and that is where his name still resides.

Many of us learned about Bacon by accident, luck, or just pure synchronicity.

Something happens when you begin to understand the life of Francis Bacon.

You become "involved" in his life.

The nature of Bacon's plan brings it into our lives.

This was his intention, he knew what he was doing, and he was a Master.

Lord Bacon knew how to influence the future by making certain that he was a part of it.


Francis Bacon set forth a design that took him beyond the pillars, "Plus ultra".

The plan proceeds across the sea of time.

His goal was to reach us to deliver the Truth in tact so that we may bring it to Light.

Bacon was successful in bringing that Truth to us, now it is up to us to do our part.

Bacon cupped his hands to his mouth and yelled across Time, "Here is my plan!"

We put our hands to our ears and we listen, "Here is my plan!"

What does Bacon mean to me?

Well, I consider myself privileged to be a part of Bacon's plan.

Nearly four centuries have passed since Bacon's life.

His words today carry as much meaning as they did then.

In fact more.



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