On March 2nd, the National Portrait Gallery, in London, opens a new exhibition of Shakespeare portraits. Will this be a celebration, a proud display of impressive paintings of our greatest writer? On the contrary, it will be a bad day for Stratford and the Stratford professors who back the actor who might not have gone to school. All six supposedly contemporary portraits have been thorougly examined. They are all fakes.
What sort of celebrity is a man who is not considered worthy of at least one portrait, while he was alive, when no one had a camera?
How are the professors going to explain this embarrassing exposure? They are today worrying about this on coming disaster. Editors are now waiting for their comments, their excuses, before working out their paper's coverage. How do you paper over cracks in the shallow foundations of the vast Shakespeare monument?
We will soon hear the usual bleat when the experts try to minimise yet another weak point in the Shakespeare story : we don't need to know what Shakespeare looked like.

--from the the Shakespeare Authorship Authorship Information Centre, The Fortnightly Authorship News Sheet from Director, Francis Carr


















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