From a Collection of Letters published by John Donne in 1660,

he describes Francis Bacon as :

".... a Creature of incomparable Abilities of Mind, of a sharp and catching Apprehension, large and faithfull Memory, plentifull and sprouting Invention, deep and solid Judgment, for as much as might concern the understanding part. A man so rare in knowlege of so many severall kinds, endued with the facitlity and felicity of expressing it all, in so elegant, significant, so abundant, and yet so choise and ravishing a way of words, metaphors, and allusions, as , perhaps, the World hath not seen, since it was a World. I know, this may seem a great Hyperbole, and strange kind of riotous excesse of speech; but the best means of putting me to shame, will be for you (the reader) to place any other man of yours, by this of mine." - Sir Francis Bacon's New Advancement of Learning