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Outside the O.J. trial in Santa Monica, California.

He was one of those men
who made great mornings
for the world.

A word from Lawrence Gerald web site creator of sirbacon.org

Monuments of Wit vs. Monuments of Power

It's been said by some that it's not necessary to understand or even read Shakespeare anymore. For others it's obligatory to revere him. Stratfordians and their orthodox crowd see Shakespeare as a national shrine. The correct attitude toward a shrine is not criticism but faith. Those that recognize Bacon as the author of Shakespeare are labeled as conspiracy theorists, heretics, whereas those that consider the man from Stratford- on- Avon as the author are left with having to believe in nothing short of a miracle. It's easier to believe than to think.

Bamboozlement on Avon

Abraham Lincoln's famous quote of "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time" is apropos here. For over a century now, the general public has been naively manipulated in a subtle way by both the American and British press, and aided by the publishing- industry- machine, that retains the illusion of William Shakespeare's identity with the authorship.Their techniques of trivializing the authorship issue, denying it exists, ignoring it, and with the use of ridicule, have woven a powerful spell so strong that it wasn't until the last ten years that more and more people have questioned with a skeptical attitude the Stratford myth, rejecting the party line of the so called scholars, and the so called "experts." The case against William Shakespeare's authorship of the Works can be made entirely from the admissions of "reputable scholars" who believe in his authorship.

Merchants of Venice

Meanwhile the well oiled publishing industry machine rolls on supported by the fraternal book reviewers of the powers that be who select which 'dissenting' book of the season we're all suppose to read or not to read. Profit motivation, the tradition of publishing, is not without casualty. Alison Brown in her article, Printing, Writers and Readers in Renaissance Italy states :

"It was the French who transformed the invention of printing from being simply a milestone in the intellectual march towards modernity according to Francis Bacon, by diffusing Renaissance learning throughout the world into a commodity that had more to do with the market and modern consumerism than with learning."

This means greater discernment is required by bard-core enthusiasts.in order to keep up with the new books that appease the publishing world's tradition of profit. Academic professors under the whip of the publish or perish tradition, get contracted once their thesis fits in line with what the publisher dictates to department heads. The socially acceptable William Shakespeare as author routine is the ruling politics of the day. The thought of swaying will leave you out in the cold in this close-knit circle.

Bringing Home the Bard

We can now finally wake up to the realization that the emperor is wearing no clothes and that Humpty-Dumpty did have a great fall. The so called "academic experts" have not done their job in picking up all the pieces and satisfying our remaining questions about William Shakespeare. They have quietly panicked. Unfortunately, this has led to even more confusion as the playing fields have widened to consider anyone's aristocratic descendant as the man behind the curtain.

"Duke.- One of these men is Genius to the other; And so of these: which is the natural man, And which the spirit?" Comedy of Errors, Act V. Sc. 1.

The modern critic forgets that the art of the playwright was considered a despised weed in Francis Bacon's age which is testified by an abundance of evidence. For someone in Bacon's position with a political and legal career, exposing himself as a playwright would have left him open to the mercy of his life long adversaries Edward Coke and his jealous cousin Robert Cecil. The play Richard II (irked the Queen, royally) with a theme of treason would have taken him to the Tower if it was known that he was it's author. But Francis Bacon had the foresight to consider using a pen-name and having a paid front man in Willy Shakespere. One can imagine the benefits for Salman Rushdie if he had similar foresight.

 Anyone who develops an intimate knowledge of Francis Bacon's life and the many roles he played as a Philosopher, poet, scientist, lawyer, Chancellor, orator, visionary and humanitarian will recognize that his greatness of character and various skills as an educator in his own time are still as relevant today and cause for inspiration . He was that rare individual who had a sense of awareness in both the moment and for all the ages.

Bacon was the creator of the Shakespeare works. There's an enormous amount of evidence that's been left for posterity which proves it. We have in the British Library in Bacon's hand his working Shakespeare notebook, called the Promus, which more than clinches the issue.This notebook however, remains uncelebrated as it's consequences can conclude the greatest literary mystery of all time. Why cause it to end? Tradition is more important than truth and selling more orthodox books is tradition. Better to keep the controversy alive, the fascination ongoing, while the publishers remain our 'Merchants of Venice.'

Lacking a depth of understanding from the political challenges and turmoil that Bacon faced all his life, has left some critics to dismiss him as a careerist with a self centered agenda in a quest up the winding stairs of power. This limited attitude along with a short-sightedness in acknowledging his immense literary abilities and philanthropic nature, has encouraged me to present this site. Additionally the digitizing of the immense archives of material about Francis Bacon will now create a true world library so that its contents can become accessible by anyone, from anywhere, anytime and forever.

The X Files

Yes, there have been many writers who have published that Francis Bacon was the son of the 'Virgin Queen' Elizabeth (research confirms this through numerous letters found in Spanish and British state archives), but there lacks a critical mass of worldwide acceptance of this still'shocking' fact. Since Bacon's death in 1626 people from his own country have yet to own up to the underlying truth of his life and royal circumstances. His role in founding the colony of Virginia and his influence on the American Founding Fathers (qualifies him as the Godfather), his impact on the English language, the King James Bible, Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism are still under appreciated today. Even though Bacon's peers knew of his true Tudor identity and that he was a "concealed poet" by his own admission, there still exists today biographers and literary critics who never met the man, haven't done the research but have self-appointed themselves as qualified to make their irresponsible pronouncements in downplaying Bacon's royal heritage and his abilities as a dramatist and poet. Read about Bacon's 4 Idols.

A Shift in the Paradigm

The question is how many more books still need to be written in order to transform an inherited cultural opinion? Francis Bacon once hailed as "the great Secretary of all Nature" remarked in his book, Sylva Sylvarum concerning the observatons on plant mutations : "The transmutation of species is, in the vulgar philosophy, pronounced impossible, and certainly it is a thing of difficulty, and requireth deep search into nature; but seeing there appear some manifest instances of it, the opinion of impossibility is to be rejected, and the means thereof to be found out."
So what do you think will contribute to dissolving the "opinion of impossibility" while creating an eventual paradigm shift ? Placing Billboards in London?

... some are born great (Edward de Vere) some achieve greatness (Francis Bacon), and some have greatness thrust upon 'em.... (William Shaksper)

It is of universal importance in a literary, historical, and philosophical sense to bring about justice to who Shakespeare or Francis Bacon really was. It's now high time for the Stratford and Earl of Oxford myths to cease fooling the public, which existed primarily for sentimental and commercial reasons and to have the entire bard core world united in rectifying this illusion. How prophetic will be the Latin wording around the emblem on the title of Bacon' s New Atlantis 1626, : Tempora patet occulta Veritas, "Time Will Reveal Hidden Truth."

I hope that the man that gave us treasured passages like, " the gardens of the Muses keep the privilege of the golden age; they even flourish and are in league with Time, the monuments of wit survive the monuments of power, the verses of the poet endure without a syllable lost, while States and Empires pass many periods, let him not think he shall descend, for he is now upon a hill as a ship mounted on the ridge of a wave," will soon have his full day in the sun.


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