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"that bacon stuff is just about the dumbest thing ever - obviusly you need some help with your research skills - your proofs are untenible and your ideas nonsensical." -
Anyone who pursues the Baconian theory for one nanosecond is not only wasting their time but they are wasting their life.

Hello, I am taking an English Literature course, and have chosen Francis Bacon as my Independent Study Topic... his essays and his life. When I came to your site, I was shocked to learn that Bacon, may very well be Shakespeare... I did not know this prior to my Independent Study. And it seems my project has just gotten all the more interesting. I was wondering if you have any comments or opinions on this theory?Do you have more recent essays, proof, etc on file that links the two? If you do, would it be possible to send them too me via email?
I visited after visiting some of the Earl of Oxford theory websites and for me there is more persuasive information for Bacon's authorship. When I started off on my research I was very skeptical but the case for WilliamShakespere is very weak. I can't believe all this time that people fell for it. I guess it's what Bacon said in his 4 Idols about the power of tradition and how it can hold sway. But the Sir Francis Bacon's New Advancement website is a must for anyone interested in this issue.
I would like it if you could send me some info. on roger bacon I have heard hat he wrote a book/chapter on (Upon meeting the Great Kahn) . I am intrested in chapter one of this book so if you could help me I would be ever so greatfull thank you for your time. Please if you can help me in any way do so A.S.A.P
I've been really enjoying your site for the past week. About 15 years ago I was planning on becomming an expert on the Bacon-Shakespeare question and gathered a nice starting library on the topic of maybe 20 books. But I found there were so many  others all ready being experts that it seemed like too much competition, especially since I didn't live in England. Well, foolish me! I with I had stayed with it after seeing your site! Anyway, I just noticed a nice 'coincidence' (I bet you love that word!).Bacon's last words (at least on his epitaph) were "Let compounds be dissolved."I just learned yesterday that Buddha's reputed last words were:  "Impermanent are all component things."
I'm subscribed to a Theosophy email list and someone sent this about Buddha just yesterday. What a 'coincidence' that I would learn of both within a 24 hour period!
P.S. I have also been a very big fan of Don Quixote. As it happens, at this past Halloween I went to a party dressed as Don Quixote and gave a dramatic speech, supposedly ofCervantes, from the movie "Man of La Mancha". So it blew my mind to find Bacon as the very probable author.Thanks again for the GREAT site and for staying with it all these years! From now on I'll help spread the word. We've got to see Bacon get the recognition he deserves in our lifetime!
i was surfing through your web at sirbacon and stumbled on a magnificent page you got there with great videos! They are by far the most sophisticated ones that touches on humanity and of the lost arts. Thanks for having these videos! They're fantastic gems. Thanks!
Your website continues to be excellent. Thank you so much for your dedication and inspiration, which helps the rest of us very much.

i've been into English literature from college and also into the authorship controversy for some time. I came across your site and felt it was the very site I had missed in college to help me out in my studies.
Now as I am older, I pass my time there reading various articles and works that can be downloaded. I especially like the video channel page that has to do with queen elizabeth and greek mythology instead of the usual runescape and animation I see on other sites. There is a lot of education on your site that is worth adding or spreading in schools.
Thank you for the great work you offer us.

Wow! Never had so much fun reading. The amount of data is just beautiful when acknowledging how much work was put into the accumulation.
Thank you for your slide show. I found it entertaining. I stutter and have always used rhythmic speech or music to help overcome it. Most people do not even know I have the problem. In my sophomore year of high school I had a literature teacher that was a Shakespeare fanatic. I too have always been a Shakespeare fanatic. Large vocabulary of alternate words in rhythm were natural to me. I expected to have a rare "A" in that class, but was thwarted when I wrote an essay on who may have written Shakespeare's works and also Apocrypha. I did make Bacon's case, but I have always viewed creativity as not occuring in a vacuum, whether it was Stradivarius and Amati, the impressionist painters or the great leaps forward in the english language in the Elizabethan and Jacobean age. For years I forgot about that and came to the conclusion that authorship didn't matter, I enjoyed it for the sake of enjoyment. The detective stories just make it so much more interesting. I don't KNOW who created what, but I still wonder how any one person could do in any lifetime what Mr. Bacon accomplished, even if he didn't write the plays. If Mr. Shakespeare did exist and those were his only accomplishments, it is still like staring into outer space and trying to come to terms with infinity. I'm glad this web site wasn't available in my sophomore years, I might have failed both literature and history. Stay outside the envelope. It is very Baconian.
Baconians have more to do with snobbery, than sense. tibi gratias agimus quod nihl fumas
Although I relatively new here, this website has honestly changed my life!
Hello,I love the work that you have done on this site. I am at the point where I have to have a T-shirt.the Bacon is Shakespeare
I applaud your website. Every convincing detail is included. I have a personal affection for Francis Bacon, and Alfred Dodd's book especially. Thank you for such perfect work!
Kudos on your Sir Bacon Web site! I've found it to be an invaluable source of information about the mysterious and fascinating life of Sir Francis Bacon
Hello. I am a high School student doing a research paper about the controversial notion that William Shakespeare was not the true author of his poems and plays. I need to find as much information as possible about this topic. I was surfing the web and I stumbled on your website. If you could please let me know where you have found some of your information, it would be a great help. If you can think of any book names, websites, or other resources to e-mail to me, please do so. It would aid in my research greatly. Please e-mail me back
I have an interest in bacon and mostly the times he lived in being a UCLA student. I was in the net on the subject then came across sirbacon which seems such a worthy cause to have out there. I got into reading for over a couple of hours then came across videos on bacon you have on a channel page. wow! I think you're the only site with such videos and though utube shows much on history its not to the correct history of things as your videos show.

Thanks again for such an interesting site and video collection.

Hello, I am doing a research paper on Sir Francis Bacon and I was wondering if you could possibly send me some information on him. I would appreciate this quite a bit. Thank you for giving me a few moments of your time.

I'd like to compliment as a very impressive site, the amount of material there is incredible; quite a labyrinth.
I am writing to express my deepest appreciation for your Francis Bacon site and all of it's information so beautifully arranged; and information with documentation perfectly included. It is all in here.
I have personal sentimental reason for my gratitude for your work here. It assists the world in knowing the truth, introducing them to the deep complex labyrinth of our higher existance here on this Earth, in so much contrast to modern life today. Essex and Bacon, the amazing discovery somehow in my own little life here in Montana, coming to me in clear accurate direction from a spirit, to begin by deciphering the Tempest, back in 2003....What a journey from that day forward led me to EVERYTHING! ( Dodd, RoseCross, Albigensians, Cathars, Etc...Eleanor of Aquitaine,) How vast, How exciting and how overwhelming my soul wants to put it all together, to know it all...and it continues to grow. The pursuit of completing this grand puzzle takes time away from my personal lessons for internal growth and continue overcoming and mastery. One could see how important one might think of living 200-300 years to attempt to get it all done before one leaves.

I will forever feel challenged wrapping my whole mind around the entire Bacon, Rose-Croix, Masonry, European/English movement, it's origins and it's future, affecting so many many lives, yet still in some cryptic form.

Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your witness to the truth.

To conclude, Cipher hunters to Shake-speare's Tragedies & Comedies and Sonnets would be well advised to first discover the language in which the writer wrote ciphers and then begin to decipher the material. It would offer a reduction to guesses and fancies. I refuse to strengthen the popularity to the Stratfordians; give me a spot to stand on and I shall destroy their structure. I refuse to lull the De Vere's slumberings of ignorance; make me breathe and I shall cut off their supply.

 This is my humble opinion, and as long as we stand on the shoulders of dwarfs (Stratfordians, De Vere's, Oxfordians etc.,) we shall never see further, because it is only upon the shoulders of giants if we stand, that we will be able to see further.

A pretty good site, helped me with my paper. I was not convinced until reading the material on . It's shocking to see that the man we thought was Shakespeare was really Francis Bacon instead!
I think your Shakespeare website is fantastic! You did a very good job on it and I can tell you spent a lot of time working on it.
You have a noteworthy site there on Sir Francis Bacon! I've been researching masonic links with Goddess Athena for my friends in the Cult of Athena, (strong ties with Hellenic Freemasonry!) and wonder if there's anything you might be holding back on! If you want to tell me exactly how much Athena is venerated by north european masonics I'd be much appreciative! Yours Faithfully
Thank you so much. I'm stuck at your site and haven't been able to stop reading for hours! Stop being so damned interesting!!!
So then who was the actor William Shakespeare? Even if one allows (and I don't) the improbability of Bacon secretly arranging for his own words to flow from this actor's pen, then one must assume a conspiracy so vast as to include Queen Elizabeth, James I, several (if not all)of the members of Parliament, and the clergy at the church where Shakespeare was interred. You may be willing to believe that Bacon generously arranged for his "puppet" author to receive so much recognition, but this is wishful thinking. The plays were not written according to some Rosicrucian, Kabbalistic, or Neoplatonic scheme, as some of your commentators suggest, but rather for a night's entertainment. They are PLAYS, first and foremost, and the poetry in them comes from a talent that was beyond that of Sir Francis, a brilliant essayist whose prose style, as dull as it is, obscures his bold ideas. You seem to have invented a new category of scholarship with your phrase "orthodox professor."

Perhaps you mean those who have excluded you because of their respect for historical evidence. There is no serious historian who still promotes the absurd argument for Bacon's authorship. If you want to begin to make that argument, then you must show evidence of the conspiracy. It is not enough to say that there was one. There are many rich and educated people who"secretly" write poetry and hint to their friends and confidants that they are undiscovered poets. But few,if any, would deliberately write prose in such a dull style as to make their true biography almost unknown in comparison to Shakespeare's fame. You will have to say much, much more about the man William Shakespeare,whom you allege to be a mere puppet, if you want to make a serious argument. You should rather put your site to rest, for it promotes pseudo-scholarship and misinformation.

thank you for your wonderful [understatement] website!!! It is a HUGE service you are giving us. Again, your website is one of the great treasures of our time.Thank you.
Well, I asked my English teacher and she said that no, he is NOT...But I'm doing a paper on Francis Bacon and it really confused me when I looked at that web-site. So, I dont know what to do?!?!?
Thank you for such a helpful and interesting site. I am a 10th grader taking an AP European history course, and I have to do an hour - long report on William Shakespeare. I had heard that Shakespeare was possibly a front for Francis Bacon, but now I am convinced. Your wonderful site has enabled me to tie Francis Bacon into my report on Shakespeare.Thank you again for maintaining such a wonderful site, it really is an excellent helper and educator.
My friend and I have to write and essay and make a PowerPoint on Francis Bacon. I wasn't in school that day when we got to pick a person and my friend picked him b/c she loves bacon.  But I saw you sight and it is so nice it just what I wanted/needed.   I am a huge fan of Atlantis and that just so cool that he had idea on it, but my friend picked him.  This project is for AP European history, I am in 12th grade.Thanks for making the site; it will help us so much. 
Discovering who the real author Shake-speare plays was and what Bacon contributed to the advancement of mankind has been the greatest intellectual revelation of my life. I believe that the Shake-speare plays, along with Bacon's scientific and philosophical ideas and the colonization of North America laid the foundations for the modern, English-speaking world. If the world media were aware of Bacon's real contributions, I'm sure he would be rightly recognized as "Man of the Millenium."

As a college student (circa 1970), I read Hamlet and came across the famous lines:

"This above all: to thine own self be true"

And it must follow, as night the day,

Thou canst not then be false to any man."

Though I gave no thought about the author, this idea became my personal motto as words to live by. Three years ago, I made a goal to read all of the plays (I've read and re-read most of the plays, except some of the historical plays). Along the way, I read Charles Ogburn's book "The Mysterious William Shakespeare" and fell briefly under the spell of Earl of Oxford. But since Oxford died in 1604, and many of the plays were written or modified after 1604, Oxford's candidacy was ruled out in my mind. Since then I've read many articles (especially on your website) and books on the authorship subject and come to the inescapable conclusion that the evidence is overwhelmingly in favor of Bacon. Bacon is the only qualified candidate with the "means, methods and motives" that could have written the plays and has left a bountiful trail of intended and unintended clues for us to decipher. Although there are seemingly thousands of pieces of evidence in favor of Bacon, the clincher for me was when I found that Bacon had written in one of his essays "Be so true to thyself as thou not be false to others", which strikingly parallels the language and thought of the lines from Hamlet.

In Timon of Athens, which dicusses the downfall of a noble lord and the abandonment by his friends (not unlike Francis Bacon's life story), the following remakable conversation occurs in Scene II:

Various Servants. What is a whoremaster, Fool?

Fool. A fool in good clothes, and something like thee. 'Tis a spirit; sometime 't appears like a lord;sometimes like a lawyer; sometimes like a philosopher, with two stones more than's the artificial one. He is very often like a knight; and, generally, goes up and down in from fourscore to thirteen, this spirit walks in.

Varios Servants. Thou art not altogether a fool.

Wasn't Francis Bacon describing himself? I count a half dozen clues that refer to him in the Fool's speech.

Your website provides a valuable service in making the masses aware of the real truth. Keep the "beacon" of knowledge on.

Bravo! Your website is wonderful. Previously I had thought that de Vere perhaps wrote the plays, but N.B. Cockburn has convinced me that Bacon is truly the author.

Bascally, it seemed a matter of education and culture, for William seemingly lacked the discriminating character necessary to have written them.As a composer of my Opera, using Shakespeare's words for "Julius Caesar" (listed in Gooch and Thatcher), I am really happy that I can fully agree with you and Cockburn. And since my Opera was praised when the Arias were premiered a number of years ago on our Morning Musicale of Ft. Lauderdale Program (a member of the National Federatiom of Music Clubs and FFMC, this truth brings me literal joy. I have read that during the time of a particular "critical-of-government"play's presentation, most people of London already knew that Shakespeare was not the author, and the authorities never tried to arrest him for punishment, for even then they knew he wasn't the author.

Perhaps Cockburn is right however, for just as with science and magnetism, textbook, teachers, and traditions do not readily change, and Bacon may never officially be publicly hailed as the author.

Your web page is like a miraculous light in a dark sea.
I wonder if you ever considered that has probably been responsible for more people catching baconianism than any other single source in the last 400 years? well done , your site is, again, may I say, simply awesome, it literally changed my life.
Some of our black people think Shakespeare came to South Africa in the very early days and gave/sold some of his plays to their ancestors as, they explain, the stories in the staged plays are so similar to their own 'traditional' ones. I was reminded of that story when I read about Don Quixote. I suspect, if we started really taking note of  most fiction writings world wide, a common theme would run through them all.This in no way disqualifies Bacon as the author of Shakespeare IMHO, but just endorses him as a brilliant observer of science and an original 'mind stimulator'.
Firstly I loved your Bacon / Shakespeare in the Egyptian tomb almost as much as the hidden person and the arm writing. I must say that I landed on the Sir Bacon site with a view to reading his involvement with early science. I do a science page every month for children and recently covered the Venus Transit and the winter solstice (here in the South)

 I was thrilled with all the information and had read about Bacon being thought to be the 'pen' behind Shakespeare, but I had never heard about him being the son of Queen Elizabeth 1st.  This was very exciting for me as before I got interested in 'simplifying science' I had been working for many years on our own 'family tree' in which my family who all originated in England claim to be descendant from the Tudors - one having married into the family of Lady Jane Grey and another from the Dudley's of Northumberland - who somehow ended up as the family of North.

We also have a 17th century Archbishop of Canterbury and a long list of kings and queens going back to William the Conqueror.But it's the science of Bacon that fascinated me more than the ancestral connection. His ideas at that early period in time were so up to date and are exactly what I am trying to do for the children of Africa (and anyone else who might be interested) who haven't had the opportunity to resource their own history or the wonderful history of the world for that matter.

I can't unfortunately offer you any financial support for your most gallant efforts of discovery/ recovery as I do what I do voluntarily, but will be following your up dates with interest and would enjoy maybe filling you in on some of my thoughts on Bacon as the son of the 'virgin' Queen - it must have been hell for him and I can almost feel his thoughts in the different plays and sonnets.

He was aware of himself though and his own feelings, which is the most important thing in life before one can understand anything.Best wishes and thanks for some interesting hours

I want to thank you for, what I consider, the best web site on the net.

After having spent a few wonderful hours on your website I find something new every time and every time is a new adventure.Thank you again, for this wonderful site

With respect to your position, reasearch and knowledge, I have perused the above mentioned website and have, after much discussion & soul seaching come to the following inevitable conclusion:Absolute Bollocks!
Shakespeare wrote it all - perhaps with a little help from others & a little plagiarism - but he wrote it....get over it! Have you ever questioned the works of Mozart or Beethoven? No, I thought not.
Your website is an absolute treasure house of interesting things for me and I haven't yet explored it fully. I have been a strong, even at times fierce though for the most part silent, anti-Stratfordian for more than fifty years and, apart from a short 'stay' in the Stanley 'camp' after reading Titherley's book some forty years ago, Bacon has always been my main candidate.

My interest in the Question had slept for some time, then, in February this year, when I was roaming the Latin Quarter in Paris with my wife, we visited the famous Shakespeare (!) Bookshop and there I came across John Michel's book 'Who Wrote Shakespeare?' I bought it at once and almost read it 'at once' too - finding it excellent, although I do not agree with all the author's conclusions.

That led me back to my Bacon books, and, by fairly quick degrees, to your website for the first time. There I found also for the first time (shamefully perhaps after all these years) the work of Smedley and Theobald, by whom the Bacon case is presented with such literary and philosophic depth, that it is depressing to think that, in the course of a whole century, they made their mark only on the 'converted' and not on the general literary world, as they rightly should have done!

I'm just visiting your wonderful website for the first time. It's a great learning and teaching resource. Thank you very much for your insightful website.
dear "merchant of light":

i am an 8th grader that was assigned an essay to write in english class. the question to be answered: "did shakespeare write the plays attributed to him?" after some research at /links/evidence.htm, i found some interesting stuff that led me to think that sir francis bacon wrote shakespeare, which is clearly your opinion. however, before i made my final decision, i checked a few oxfordian websites and i didn't find much evidence. there was never anything that really convinced me that it was edward de vere or whoever... i have come to the conclusion that bacon is shakespeare. after all, being a playwrite was a low lying job at the time and writing was not appreciated from what i have learned. so far in my research gathering, i have found more of bits and pieces rather than good, solid evidence. all i ask is that, if you have the time and chance to, to help me with some good evidence to back up my opinion. you seem like the right person to ask because i have noticed that you are very devoted to prove to the rest of the world that bacon is shakespeare. thank you.

ps- this essay is due may 5th, 2005.

I've been enjoying your website, ""  It seems like you are making too much out of trying to proclaim Sir Francis as the author of the plays.  I personally have never thought otherwise; but I'm sure some day people will read my own works and say something like "he couldn't have written this."  And that would be from people who know me.  So I wouldn't go too far in cutting short the actor from Avon.  True, the works themselves reflect much about the life of those times and that particular place.  But what I'd like to know, particularly considering such works as "King Lear," is how anybody could fathom some of this.  Even now, our best and brightest of Ph.D's couldn't manage it.

Reading "The Orphic Voice" cir. 1960, by Sewell, and her interpretation of the uses for humans in the Universe, based on Lear; I'd like to know if a Lawyer, clergyman, Queen, or whomever; would be able to understand this. Certianly nobody I've ever known, or even can think of in politics oreducation; would ever come up with the stuff in that play.

Author:       Sewell, Elizabeth, 1919-
Title:         The Orphic Voice: poetry and natural history.
Published:     New Haven, Yale University Press, 1960.
LC Call No.:   PN1031.S475

This is the stuff that is important.  Humans, according to the author of King Lear, are really only of use to nature for naming things (language),and talking to God (prayer). It has been awhile, but I think that was it.  Did the original audiences of that play come away with this information?  I don't see such an interpretation represented anywhere. Lear of course would argue that once these basic duties are cast aside, then Nature would have no further need for us.  Heady stuff for the 1590's. Where is it now? Sewell's book is about Orphic, or post-logical, thinking.  I don't think she seeks to identify how orphic thinkers come into being.  She just writes about some of them.  Bacon is one such person.  I notice that most of themwere not very successfull, or long lived.It may be that we've taken "the times" in which Bacon appeared to be a little less tumultuous than previously imagined. Sewell, and even Hegel,tell us that such person's appear as needed. Maybe they're always here, we just don't know it.Anyway, Keep up the good work. I'll check back often.

I will give you this. You are persistent. But let me say this for the last time: unless some earth-shaking new evidence should turn up, nothing you or your organization can say will change my mind on this issue. (Note: The evidence that you cite on your organization's website may persuade the faithful, but it is not likely to convert us non-believers.)  Please understand: Bacon is one of my intellectual heroes. I honor his memory. But I don't think he ever wrote a single play, much less the complete works of Shakespeare. Good luck, but note: I have no wish to discuss this matter further. Nor will I.
Why don't we submit a challenge to History Uncovered or History Lost and Found to take up the problem. After viewing that show, with agony, I could not find any smoking gun proving Wm. Shakspere/Shaxpere ever wrote anything! Forensically speaking one wouldn't need Johnny Cochran to demonstrate PBS did not prove anything.
Did you know Madam Bacon just had a kid and was nursing when Francis arrived? The same with Anthony. Elizabeth knew who was nursing in her court. The Bacons rented property to a Wm. Shakspere. Francis could have met him there and struck a deal. I think we have an overwhelming circumstantial case.However, exhuming Bacon and Shaxspere to try for some DNA or find the documents buried with...whoever. You know what Gerald, not many really care. I wrote the Queen once to get her take and her answer was, they don't indulge in such matters. I mean the agony of this man. His whole life must have been painful to know what he could do on so many fronts and all he wanted was to be accepted by his Mom for God's sake.
Medford, Oregon has a huge Shakespear festival every year. If we set up a Bacon booth there we would get stoned to death by the Chamber of Commerce.  I thought of James Randi. He's the guy who will pay a million dolllars to the psychics and spoon benders if they could pass a simple scientific test. He still has the million.Perhaps there is an angle to have this question proved up or down on National T.V. How about an invite to Harvard law school to have a mock artistic property rights ownership trial eh? On PBS. That's the kind of stuff that needs to be done. Marshall  McCluan once said 40 years ago, we are turning into a global village. That day is here.
thank you so much for your web page. it helped me very much with getting a school project complete.
I have spent many hours trying to find my roots.  One side of my family leads me to Spain and the other to England.  I have been lost in your Web site for many weeks and find it very interesting that my findings, although meager, are as you  have published here.  I wish I were a man of means, as my responsibilities are many, though my wealth lies only in my family and not in monitary sums.  If it were, I would like to fund your entire enterprise.  As I can, I will give you my thanks and gratitude. 
Allow me to preface the following by expressing my deep admiration for your unflagging efforts at revealing the true author of the Shakespeare plays. Your tenacity and unexampled dedication are a shining credit to this great endeavour.
I have considered Bacon the beacon since discovering him half a century ago at the age of ten. He was so far ahead of his time, the world has yet to become mature enough to understand what he was talking about, let alone learn from him. It's great to see your site. Putting everything in one place is a real service.

I am a mother of a ten year son who is doing some research for a project in his gifted and talented class for school. My son is simply obsessed right now with Sir Francis Bacon. I was wondering if you might be able to help me help my son.
1. What are two of Bacon's works that you think my son should read first?
2. Do you know of any t-shirts that might have some sort of picture or quote from Bacon on them? If so, do you know how I might find out how to purchase something like that?
3. What is the best biography out there on Bacon?
I'm new into this authorship issue, but from what I have been studying, I can't decide on whether the writer of "Shakespeare's" works are either Bacon or Edward de Vere. I have settled on this much, though: Shakespeare is not the writer of the plays, sonnets, etc. given his name.

The site / is a great waste of time as is any other attempt to discredit Shakespeare by elitist snobs devoid of imagination. I just do not get it. Who in the hell was Shakespeare then and why would he allow Bacon to use his name on the plays and poems? Anyway, today people know who Shakespeare is and they probably think Bacon is an artist if they have any clue of who he is at all. Why not present the evidence the other way around and claim that Shakespeare is responsible for Bacon's body of work? It would make just as much sense. Thanks for reading my vent.

You helped my daughter with some questions about Sir Francis Bacon.She received a grade of "A" on her report about Sir Francis.Thank you for your help. She continues to be amazed at the helpfulness of strangers.
As I have noted the main objective of your site have become to prove that Sir Bacon and Shakespeare are the same person.For several years as I am viewing your site (I consider Sir Bacon a man who can be compared with Aristotle, Plato and even with Jesus Christ, and I think that his works should become special courses in Universities and I am trying to do this in mine, though facing serious resistance from Chair of Philosophy) I have noted that the intention to prove the Shakespeare's case became dominant on your site. Few years ago I wrote a mail to yourelated with these matters.It is very, very interesting to me to know what kind of intentions are driving the people who are managing this site in respect to prove the Shakespeare's case. What is the attraction of that idea. Is not it better to accentuate on the Main works of Sir. Bacon? Don't you want to make an International workshop related with that,with materials available on-line?

My heartiest congratulations on what must be the definitive internet site on the Bacon-Shakespear controversy. I know I will learn much, and greatly enjoy doing so, through your site.
I'm a Baconian myself and your site is absolutely superb, please dont ever let it go
may i say your website exemplifies the best of the web: taking an obscure unknown corner of the province of knowledge, in this case the forgotten and neglected case for bacon as shakespeare, and bringing it centre stage. then: packing in the content till its pretty much bottomless, and wrapping the whole thing in a light-hearted air with a few good jokes. thats the way to make a website. for my money, content is king. and you deliver! i love sirbacon! but of course its more than website. its a clarion call to all the sleeping baconians, of whom, ahem, i was one. a reminder and a wake-up call of something that a lot of people know spontaneously without knowing it: the mystery at the kernel of our culture and language. indeed, who's to say its not part of the entire fb plan itself: the 400 year time capsule springing into action. are we the merchants of light in the newatlantis?

You have a wonderful website! I am utterly certain that Francis Bacon wrote the Shakespeare plays, and I hope that the whole world will one day acknowledge it.
What a great site! I feel so well at home in all these thoughts. Was surprised - well not really surprised, but amused - to read about the Cervantes and King James Bible connections. That was the buzzing feeling I had had so it's great to see it in print! As a former esoteric recently come "back to Rome" and gone catholic, I'd probably keep these links from view of my priest and church mates or they might start getting suspicious about my "conversion" from the pagan ways :o)Great wealth of information and good links on the sites -- and the t-shirt designs are hilarious and keep up the good work!

i really enjoyed reading your coincidences between francis bacon and shakespeare. /links/ejohnson.html it was really good stuff, and will really help me with the paper i have to write on francis bacon. thanks a million. you don' know how much you have helped. i thought i had reached a dead end on this paper until i found your site. thanks again.

When I wrote to you, I had no idea that I was speaking to a Baconian scholar. I have since looked at your website and I must say that the case for Sir Francis is being presented in a much more coherent way than I have previously seen. I rarely make concessions, but I will concede that Bacon's writings contain incidental metaphors about acting and playing parts that are as good, or better than the Oxford fragments, at proving an interest in the theater and veiled productions.

Also, unlike many (if not most) Oxfordians, my mind is still open as to what really happened back then, and I can accept the possibility that Bacon, who was related to De Vere, had a hand in the "Shakespeare Phenomenon" that appears to have been created by some authority of government in 1598 - i.e., an order that certain formerly anonymous plays were now to be attributed to the name William Shakespeare. As one of the few people who knew what happened, Bacon had a unique opportunity to influence or contribute to the canon, especially after 1604. For instance, I'll give Coriolanus to Bacon without hesitation - to my ear it is very different than the other plays, and has no clown, no song, no chorus, no fool - none of  the trademark Shakespeare comic-relief motifs that are even present in the histories and tragedies. It is dead serious straight through.

As Bacon outlived all of the other participants it is also possible that he secretly hijacked the canon in the 1620s when he finally had some political clout. Seeing that the fix was in to credit "Shakespeare" for posterity, he added things to the Folio - the very touches that led Baconians to believe Bacon wrote all the plays. Until we have a time machine we will not know what really happened. A lot of what is done in this field is elaborate storytelling. Which is not a bad thing. A unified-field theory based on all the evidence might appeal to all anti-Stratfordians and would be interesting, but I doubt we will ever see it ... as both Oxfordians and Baconians have made their man into a transcendent god, one who would not need to collaborate or suffer compromise or theft. Michel's book attempted a unified approach, but he could not tie it all together into a coherent reality (for me). The problem with the "group theory" is that there was no group that simultaneously collaborated on the plays. The "group" was a line, in time, of author(s), custodians, editors, annotator/revisors. And, there is evidence (from Vickers) that certain plays show multiple hands - not the majority, but a few plays. The Shakespeare plays had two or three husbands, not all at the same time, but in sequence.

It's fascinating to me that anyone could consider being an Oxfordian or a Stratfordian after visiting . It's a No Brainer! I am a high school student and my teacher asked me to do a report on my findings and now he's a Baconian! Thank you so much for making such a fun site and educational too.
Just a word of thanks. This is a magnificent site with enormous value.Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

just to appreciate, the work you have done in the making of this site,i thankyou and your staff..
I love your website and I visit it often to check out your new additions. It is the "Francis Bacon" best site on the web. It is a WWW Treasure.

I enjoyed and learned a great deal from your articles on Bacon & Shakespeare. I have a master's degree in English, & when I asked my professors about the alternative authorship theories, they refused to discuss the subject. Bacon's importance as a Rosicrucian & the plays deserve more attention.
I happened upon your site and I am currently in the process of developing an online course for a private college including content on Francis Bacon. I was wondering if you'd mind if I put a link to your site from my course and also if I might use an image from your site to make the content more interesting?
You have no idea how much I love your website. I live in Washington, DC and go to school at American University in their School of International Service. I have been visiting your website for a couple years now. I cannot thank you enough for all the work that you have done. Please send me your mailing address so that I can make a small donation. How can I buy a teeshirt? Thank you kindly and thank you so much for your website. You do not know how much it means to me. I talk Bacon all the time and find that so many people are interested. The best is when the conversation leads to him, rather than when I lead the conversation to him! take care

I am writing you on a matter of considerable mutual concern regarding a certain essay which you have published on your website, alleged to be the work of someone named Jerome Harner, titled "Why I am Not an Oxfordian." This essay was brought to my attention as the result of an extremely offensive, possibly libelous post, which Mr. Harner -- apparently -- recently made on the discussion boards of the Shakespeare Fellowship, regarding Mr. Charlton Ogburn.

Now, before saying anything further about this matter I must clarify one thing: I happen to believe that your devotion to the case for Francis Bacon as the author of the Shakespearean canon is mistaken. But I also respect your right as an individual to express your own beliefs and I admire the energy and graphic exuberance of your website. That is, of course, why I posted a link to your site some months ago so that readers would be aware of its existence and have the free opportunity to consult its contents and formulate their own opinion about the credibility of the various cases made by anti-Stratfordian writers over the years. Nor would I ever go out of my way to attack you, or any other Baconian writer, in the personal and vindictive manner in which your correspondent (using the url of your website as one of his identifying monikers and signing himself as "ignotum"), attacked Mr. Ogburn on our discussion boards.

Unfortunately, I see that you have allowed your own site to become a bulletin board for Mr. Harner's gratuitously insulting and anti-intellectual diatribe against the Oxfordians. I am writing to request that you remove this essay and disassociate yourself with Mr. Harner. His intemperate and possibly libelous remarks do not advance the purposes of your site. They only make the Baconian case seem incapable of defense on rational grounds.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Thank you for all your help through your fantastic website!

Hello, I was just reading this account of Sir Francis and I was intrigued to say the least!! It reaches me on a personal level, since my fiance is a Bacon descendant, from James Bacon a brother of Sir Nicholas...who was a 12th great granduncle, so I guess that makes Sir Francis a kind of half cousin or something? Secondly, I am a direct descendant of Robert Devereaux, Earl of Essex! So we both figure into the story!! It is so amazing that this evidence has not been accepted! Was Robert a brother of Francis, and hence another son of Elizabeth I?? Is there some genealogical backing to that?? I would love to count Elizabeth as an ancestress!!! Or were Francis and Robert brothers in the Freemasonry sense of the word?? Have you seen the movie Elizabeth? Does any of this take place there, if you have?? Thanks for your advice and assistance. I will look forward to your reply.
I am one of the "survivals" descendent of the Sutton-Dudley Irish branch called Sutton de Clonard. Our ancestors left Ireland in 1695 (Judgment and orders given by King William III) after the great defeat suffered by the Irish Army at the "Battle of the River Boyne, in 1690" -between Jacobits and Orangists.

My Great-Grandfather number. 12  Lord Luke De Sutton, Earl of Clonard, b.c. 1530 in Wexford,  was married to Lady Am Devereux , daughter of  Sir Thomas Devereux of Ballymagir. His Grandson Lord John De Sutton (number. 10), Earl of Clonard, b.c. 1609 in Oldcourt Castle, Co. Wexford,  was also married to a Lady called Ellen Devereux of Ballymagir (who belongs to the same Devereux's Branch)

These generations  were aware of the events related by Lady Decentre. Of course it was a family secret...........but after 440 years, it is ridiculous to support this  wrong version of the Story of our family and of course the History of England too. There is a perverse side in this chapter of "Our Past", still more macabre due to the sum of accumulated lies on personages such as Leicester, Elizabeth, Willingham, Cecil, Francis, Essex, Walter Devereaux, Knollis, Mary Stuart, and an long etc. I must say, that from our point of view, this matter as presented now, represents an authentic insult to any human intelligence. I have really admired  the great work made by Lady Deventer that unfortunately I did not know, until 2003. However the book is outstanding. My compliments for people like you and Juan Schoch.

This is my URL:
It will be a pleasure to hear from you, soon.

Sir Francis,

The dream has ended and although my hand is still shaking I have awaken with a new tool at my convenience, the key board! No more searching for an endless supply of ink that was never sufficient enough to materialize my thoughts, and always gave off the impression I never cleaned my fingernails! Although confused as to the purpose of this present existence I have never given up search for truth and I am forever grateful to my guides and teachers for never giving up on my poor ignorant soul!

The lonely path I have taken with only the constant compulsion to see my fellow man being granted his God given rights to be free and to cast away the veil that has clouded the mind of every searching soul so he may discover the lost truths that prevent him from making his return trip home! Even though, even at this time, there are still forces at work to keep the truth shielded from the searching, it is better than before and many more now have opened their minds to allow these truths to manifest and grow to maturity with the help of our brothers who unselfishly give up their personal and glorious evolution to help us lingering souls along our distorted and complicated path!

The long lonely nights trying to justify the rights and wrongs of my own life along with trying to guide my friends on the right path of the absolute purpose of all our lives, trying not to judge the ignorant to harshly knowing the difficultly of my own journey! Never being sure how to interpret each emotion and realizing each emotion is an allegory in itself!

Driven by those unknown forces, not to instigate rebellion unjustly but to awaken in man the God given rights to become complete with the Almighty himself! Not understanding myself, the drive within me to fight, even to death of accomplishing this task where ever man is restrained and mentally imprisoned. I only now understand the plan put in place by our most beloved advanced brothers and the purpose they assigned to me and my comrades of the time!

Although the picture at the time was not clear and I did not understanding the full scope of the project that was underway, I always knew there was a divine purpose to it all! I can only now make sense of the anger and disappointment I experienced then with my fellow participants! We each had our own part to play, using each other unconsciously to accomplish our goals, sometimes at the expense of alienating ourselves from each other, but know realizing how it was all meant to be! How grateful I am to have been a part of this divine plan to awaken the spirit, so long asleep in the overall evolution of man!

How many times sadness and loneliness encompassed me , if only then I had known what my destiny was! My brothers work in secret ways that only now do I realize how they have protected and guided me and my friends of past experiences! What a beautiful picture I know see!

I apologize to my friends for my ignorance at the time and hold no distain for any man!

To my friends General Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Hamilton, Morris and a special thanks to the secret father of the plan, Dr. Ben Franklin. I know we will be together again doing Gods work and maybe the next time we will be aware and God willing be granted a promotion of enlightenment! Just to understand such a minuet portion of the purpose of our existence is such a beautiful thing!

Just as before when "These are the times that try men's souls" was written, we have a new "Crisis" to prepare for, maybe we will be together again to do our part to provide comfort through understanding! Maybe "The Age of Reason" has been read and understood by some so as to have removed the veil and allowed many to search for those hidden truths that so distinctly point to the path of our personal spirituality!

The upcoming events that will fashion a new phase in the development and evolution of the Human Race are going to be a horrifying experience for the unaware and the preparation of the worthy for these events is going to be a difficult task! Still being ignorant myself to all that is to come, I need guidance myself as to what service I can be! Since this is the end of an era and a major jump in the overall evolution of man is to occur, it is one that requires each individual to have reached a definitive state of spiritual understanding, something that can not be explained or taught, if the spark is not already flickering! A familiar quote "For it is forbidden to reveal our knowledge to even our children. The right to receive spiritual truth cannot be inherited: it must be evolved within the soul of man himself." This in itself , although completely accurate, and without guidance is producing another "Crisis" and another "Times that try men's souls"

My love of man, simply though my understanding that we, (Humanity) as a whole are actually but one entity, with one sole purpose of reuniting with God! I realize this is the ultimate end of our journey and there are many advanced pinnacles on this journey that need to be reached first! We are constantly evolving, and understand that pain and suffering, and the understanding of it, is what produces the rewards of enlightenment, but still need the guidance to help me relieve this pain of ignorance the best I can for the souls I love! Ignorance has to end and we need to help!

Even the pain suffered for months in a French prison, imprisoned unjustly, waiting for friends in power, who at times seem to have forgotten me, is no comparison to the pain of watching my fellow man, through ignorance, become stagnant in his evolution and not be a part of the beautiful gift of enlightenment that is about to be rewarded to certain envisioned souls! I myself, even with my understanding, do not feel I have reached this stage of development! I need guidance and pray it will come to me so I may continue to do Gods work in his continuing unfolding plan towards perfection!

Sir Francis, I need you now, I need your guidance! I did your biding in the past and want to continue but need to know what it is you need me to do! The plan for the building of America, to make man free, to open the minds and hearts of the worthy and to allow even if for just a short time the truths and realities of life to be seen by those capable of seeing! I realize this has always been part of the play to unfold at its destined time and realize it is still playing out, I wish to still be of service, guide me again, I am your faithful servant!

What other websites are saying about

Francis Bacon "New Advancement of Learning". A page offered by an anonymous Bacon enthusiast, with the help of a lot of other enthusiasts (not anonymous).

Those interested in gaining an understanding of the scope of Baconian research may visit and view their vast storage of articles.
Sir Bacon org, the greatest Baconian site on the planet, and an indispensable provider of information and support for our studies. If you are interested in Sir Francis Bacon and want to know more, you simply MUST visit and bookmark Sir Bacon org.
Sir Francis Bacon
Consacré au philosophe et homme politique qui fut en son temps Imperator d'un ordre rosicrucien (avec en plus une touche d'humour à la Monty Python).
elizabethan bacon?

Permit yourselves a small chuckle at the description of a Hilliard painting as 'Elizabeth and her Son' at /gallery/liz2.html. In fact the Baconians who run this site have a very good explanation for all this: Elizabeth's two sons were Essex (of course!) and Francis Bacon. To find out exactly what was going on here I had to pass through the main page of the site ( ) which features Bacon riding a motorbike decorated with the words 'Francis Bacon Is Shakespeare'. The next page I reached said that Bacon's plays have been attributed to 'William Shakespeare, an illiterate peasant'. At this point I came over all intolerant and set fire to my computer. I did not find out exactly what was going on. But I did see a very attractive page with the astrological charts of the Queen and her (gulp) son, Francis Tudor Bacon (double gulp). It looks lovely at /links/charts.htm, but it means, er, whatever you decide, dear reader.

Just a word of thanks. This is a magnificent site with enormous value.Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

The site is kind of gaudy despite having some good information buried among the fluorescent colors. If you've ever wanted to see one of the Renaissance's greatest minds lit up in purple neon, this is where you need to be

The intro page is priceless, though, and you just can't go wrong with an address like ""

This Sir Francis Bacon megasite rotates the images on this start-up page. Some of them are quite funny. Students may want to refresh the page to see several of the images. Once you click enter, the link to the PowerPoint presentation will be evident.
Frequent speculation exists as to the actual author of the works attributed to William Shakespeare. Among the most rabid... er... enthusiastic proponents of alternate authorship are the disciples of Sir Francis "Beans and Franks" Bacon.( These fruitcakes... er... esteemed individuals, rather than letting facts speak for themselves, overuse such adverbs as "obviously" when proposing hypotheses of skeptical provenance, and rant incessantly about the conspiracy of silence surrounding these "significant findings" by scholars of repute. When discussing Rosicrucianism and numerology, any semblance of objective reason is thrown to the winds. Luckily, this bunch has an extremely vocal Internet presence, and finding page upon page of viewpoints requires only the most rudimentary of computer skills. By the way, what happened to footnote number three? Is this another conspiracy by secret organizations to keep citizens of the world docile using confusion and chaos? Probably not. See footnote 2.
One last thought: Bacon... Hamlet... Coincidence? I think not.

This is an entertaining, delightfully controversial and yet informative site. Be sure to wait for the pictures to download...
Sir Francis Bacon's New Advancement of Learning

Since the mid 19th century, many scholars have argued that actor/businessman William Shakespeare was not the prolific play-write that most regard him to have been. This site contends that Sir Francis Bacon, instead, was the author of the numerous comedies, tragedies, and sonnets. The Francis Bacon Gallery offers students an interesting peek into the High Renaissance, and the historical events in some part affected by Sir Francis Bacon.

The San Francisco Chronicle, May 1998, names Sirbacon website Site of the week.

.....Thomas Jefferson (never proven to be a Freemason, but obviously holding Rosicrucian sympathies--if not actual membership) considered Francis Bacon to be one of the three greatest men who ever lived: "Bacon, Locke and Newton" were "the three greatest men that have ever lived, without any exception, and as having laid the foundations of those superstructures which have been raised in the Physical & Moral sciences." This assertion was made by Jefferson in his February 15, 1789, letter to the American artist John Trumbull, ordering copies of portraits of the three men. Their work in the "Physical & Moral sciences" was instrumental in Jefferson's education and world view. For example, Bacon's divisions of knowledge became Jefferson's divisions in his library catalog. (NOTE: The glaringly obvious omission of Jesus Christ should forever dispel from the minds of Christians any notion that the man was godly!!!!) And when we look at the art work in the Jefferson Reading Room of the Library of Congress, we find addtional circumstantial evidence of Bacon's status where our third President was concerned and the Rosicrucian/Freemasonic connections to the overall theme of the nation's capital cannot be denied. The name "BACON" in large letters is prominently displayed in the ceiling as one of the great poets of history. But one of the least recognized connections is found in the repeated emphasis upon "Minerva" paintings and statuary--not only in the reading room but in the U.S. Capital rotunda as well! For those of you who may not be well versed in mythology, the goddess Minerva was known by that name to the Romans. But the Greeks knew her as "Athena"--the goddess of knowledge--usually pictured wearing a helmet and carrying a spear, which she shook at ignorance! Shake the spear, now why does that sound so familiar? The owl is universally held to be a symbol of knowledge and is closely associated with Athena (or Minerva)--the origin of that symbology.. So if you see an owl that is seemingly out of place on some government document or work of art, always think of Sir Francis Bacon, because he took Athena as his "muse," or guiding spirit! And speaking of which, did you know that there is a very tiny owl engraved on the front of a one-dollar bill? In order to see it clearly a powerful magnifying glass is needed, but it is found on the upper right hand corner, to the left of the top of the numeral 1 in the curved (backward "C") section of the bracket surrounding the numeral. (Some Internet sites show magnified pictures, so you may be interested in searching for them. Just type "owl and two-dollar bill" in the search box and you will find several to choose from. Apparently officials have been asked as to why the owl is there and were told that the engraver just "played a prank"! If you believe that explanation, I have some residential acreage in the middle of the Sahara I would like to sell you!)

Now let me totally freak you out! They are not likely to admit it, but the upper degrees of Freemasonry believe and teach reincarnation. (Without question, Rosicrucianism--the "parent organization of Freemasonry" believes and teaches it) And stories surrounding the signing of the declaration of independence refer to a "mysterious old gentleman" seen talking with Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin and giving them advice on the design for the nation's flag. Strongly suggested in these stories--apparently of Masonic origin--is that the old gentleman was Francis Bacon incarnate! Pooh-pooh it if you must, but why would a tremendously large Masonic web site devote the entire site to promoting Francis Bacon in the first place, let alone put up a page calling attention of the brethren to the back of a two-dollar bill? (The same artist from whom Jefferson ordered the portraits, John Turnbull, also painted the famous picture of the signing of the declaration of independence--used as the model for the engraving on the back of the bill.) And the web page shows the back of the bill, while the caption reads, "Bacon 'visiting' the signing of the declaration of independence"! No further explanation is given and nothing pointed out or highlighted, because the web site understands that "those in the know" will recognize the meaning. Well, let's just take a look and see what we find. The scene before us is a table in the foreground, upon which is found the document to be signed, with men standing around it. In the background are several men both seated and standing in a semi-circular arrangement. A casual look at this scene in Philadelphia's Independence Hall reveals nothing out of the ordinary, but upon closer inspection we find one gentleman in the back wearing a hat. Ahah! Wearing a hat indoors was a serious breach of manners in those days and gentlemen of good breeding just did not do so--unless of course you were a "worshipful master" in a room full of Freemasons! Francis Bacon???? They believe it whether we do or not and, like the owl, have included it along with numerous other occult symbols on our money as a testimony to their ultimate control of the nation!

Here is a site dedicated to the theory that Bacon was Shakespeare. On the site you will also find material that claims he fathered children by Queen Elizabeth I. It is difficult to determine the basis for these claims. They are not widely accepted and proof here is construed - certainly not primary.

This site promotes the life and works of Sir Francis Bacon and supports his authorship. It is very different from the other sites that are reviewed here, being very colourful and making greater use of multimedia. In fact, the 'statement of purpose' included in the first page makes reference to the aim of 'entertaining and enlightening' the reader. One of the items included in the site is the 'Francis Bacon Slide Show', a sequence of 33 images which tell the story of his life and offer 'evidence' of his authorship. The author also provides a summary of the evidence used to support his case.
Some of the claims made by the author concerning Francis Bacon, challenge accepted historical truths. An example of this is the author's theory that Queen Elizabeth I did not die childless but was, in fact, the mother of Bacon. Such claims mean that this site is perhaps not as reliable as the others listed here. However, it does make a case for Bacon as the author of Shakespeare's works and, throughout the last two hundred years, he has been seen as one of the leading alternative contenders.Click here to go to Sir Francis Bacon's New Advancement of Learning  
De 1580 a 1625 "The English Renaissance", produziu algunsdos maiores escritores da Europa. Entre eles estava Sir Francis Bacon.

Primeiro filho da Rainha Elizabeth I da Inglaterra, cujo nascimento foi um segredo real muito bem guardado. Francis Bacon foi um prodigio escritor e filósofo. Além de suas valiosas obras em literatura e filosofia, pesquisadores afirmam que várias obras de outros autores foram escritas por ele.Evidências sugerem que foi Bacon que escreveu a novela Don Quixote (Miguel de Cervantes) e também obras de William Shakespeare.

Para homenagear , o nome da nossa Pizzaria
é Chico Toicinho.
Francis = Francisco = Chico
Bacon = Toicinho. Daí então, temos Chico Toicinho.

I would like to thank you for the absolutely great work you are doing by the awesome and detailed website a great service full of depth, detailed knowledge and lots of fun too! I have been using the website for years and keep coming back.
I have been working on a research essay in my high school british literature class on the Shakespearean authorship question and I've taken the Baconian position. I just had to send you some praise on your collection of information in the "A Baconian Slideshow" featured by The content is extremely interesting and has made my research more like detective work than painstaking research.

To be or Not to be continued.......:>)






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