Antonio Perez


In "Love's Labour's Lost" we find a character Don Adriana de Armatho, full of affection and bombast.
A Spanish refugee, Antonio Perez, visited England in 1593 and became acquainted with Francis and Anthony Bacon, with whom for a time he seems to have been on terms of intimacy, which did not last very long, for the Spaniard developed so much affectation and bombast that he became unpopular in Court circles. In 1594 Perez wrote and published a book under the assumed name of "Raphael Peregrino."

In the play Holofernes is ridiculing Don Adriana "the traveler from Spain" and says of him:

"He is too picked, too spruce, too affected,
Too odd, as it were, too peregrinate, as I may call it."
-Act 5, Scen 1.

To make the reference more pointed and unmistakable, Sir Nathaniel replies "a most singular and choice epithet," and at once enters it in his note book. This parody on Perez' sobriquet clearly identifies Perez with Armatho.

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