Love's Labour's Lost


In the play "Love's Labour's Lost," which was apparently written in 1587, the first characters who appear are the King of Navarre, Berowne, Longavill, and Dumane, and Act 2 a character named Boyet appears. The King is Henry IV of France, who had two councillors, Biron and Longueville (in the play called "Berowne and Longavill"), also a marshall Bois (in the play called "Boyet"). Will Shaksper did not come to London from Stratford until 1586-- only one year before the composition of this play. The question therefore arises, if Will Shaksper wrote this play, how could he know the actual names of the French King's councillors and marshal, since French was not taught in the Stratford Grammar School, even if Shakesper ever went there, of which there is no evidence whatever. On the other hand we find that Anthony Bacon (Francis Bacon's foster brother) was an honoured guest at King Henry's Court at Navarre during the years 1585-90, and was in confidential correspondence with Francis Bacon in London.

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