The Stratford Shakespeare Monument

by Peter Dawkins

Peter Dawkins has wriTTen an Illuminating article about the Shakespeare monument in Stratford while describing some very interesting ciphers embedded  in the inscription. It is a must read for any of us.

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SAT Conference 2019 – 5 – Peter Dawkins – Francis Bacon, Shakespeare and the Earl of Essex

Peter Dawkins, founder of the Francis Bacon Research Trust delivers his lecture ‘Francis Bacon, Shakespeare and the Earl of Essex’ at the Shakespearean Authorship Trust conference November 24th, 2019, “Shakespeare, Essex and Authorship.”

“Second-Seeing Shakespeare”

by historian Peter Dawkins will be published as an eBook (ISBN: 9781098304195 – $9.99).

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Instead, it is a double-truth showing a very different authorship, and the involvement of a philanthropic secret society dedicated to the enlightenment and good of all humanity.

Second-Seeing Shakespeare