Shakespeare Authorship Question: Unravelling the Mystery

Who wrote the plays and why?

by Kate Cassidy


In 1621, Sir Francis Bacon celebrated his 60th birthday. His close friend Ben Jonson penned a tribute poem that hinted at a mysterious achievement. “Hail, happy Genius of this ancient pile! How comes it all things so about thee smile? The fire, the wine, the men! and in the midst, Thou stand’st as if some Mystery thou did’st!”

Jonson’s cryptic words suggest Bacon had accomplished something monumental, yet undisclosed.

The Baconian belief is that this “mystery” relates to the authorship of the Shakespeare plays and sonnets. On’s What’s New we feature a fascinating article by Kate Cassidy, which will be of interest to those who are completely new to the authorship question, and to anyone who wishes to understand why Bacon would have written the works in Shakespeare’s name and concealed his involvement.

CRYPTOGRAPHY: The Biliteral Cipher Reveals the True Author of Shakespeare’s Sonnets

Video By Kate Cassidy

If you are interested in codes and cipher, this video is for you. Sometimes a message has been staring us in the face. We just need the key. This is a further video following on from:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

All the videos discuss the true authorship of the works of Shakespeare, as we approach the 400th anniversary of the First Folio in 1623. This video looks at the Sonnets printed separately in 1609.


These are the links to which I refer in the video:

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The new paper on the cryptanalysts: The Friedmans and Cipher in the Shakespeare Works

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De Vere, Bacon or Shakespeare? You Decide!

Video By Kate Cassidy

Kate Cassity, a valued member of SirBacon’org’s B’Hive Community, produced a fascinating video for us. It is one to watch through to get the most from it. Kate is a Baconian to pay attention to. Watch the entire video!

De Vere, Bacon or Shakespeare? You Decide!

“The Shakespeare authorship question has been one of the enduring mysteries of our time. Hear the evidence. See the evidence and you decide.

This video also contains reference to planetary cycles, little known to those outside of astronomy and astrological circles and shows secret cipher in the First Folio and Sonnets.”