A Dedicated Sleuth Finds Picture-Puzzles Long Buried: A Review of Russell Storrs Hall, Bacon Shakespeare Conundrum: Direct Evidence of Francis Bacon’s Shakespeare Authorship (posthumously published, 2012)

By Christina G. Waldman. 9-29-2021

“Bacon Shakespeare Conundrum was published posthumously by the author’s daughter, Janice Gold-Orland. Researching for this book was her father’s lifetime passion, she says. It is obvious from his book that Hall has studied the Bacon-Shakespeare authorship question in some depth. One of his main points is that “The only way out of the authorship enigma is to be found in the Shakespeare Folio of 1623″ (p. 12). There is a great deal of other evidence, of course, but that is the course he sets for himself in this book.” Read more:

Review Russell Storrs Hall by CGW 9-29-2021.pdf

Christina Waldman reviews Peter Dawkins new book “Second Seeing Shakespeare”

by Christina G. Waldman

In his new book, Second-Seeing Shakespeare: “Stay Passenger, why goest thou by so fast?”, Peter Dawkins, respected teacher, author, and founder-principal of the Francis Bacon Research Trust, explains how the art adorning the Shakespeare Monument in Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon (ca. 1616-1623) corresponds beautifully with the enigmatic language and Shakespeare “portrait” (Droeshout engraving) in the front matter to the First Folio of 1623, the first comprehensive publication of Shakespeare’s plays.

Review of Second-Seeing Shakespeare: “Stay Passenger, why goest thou by so fast?” by Peter Dawkins