Bacon, Politics, and Drama

by Dr. Barry R. Clarke

Following PhD work at Brunel University and an academic book ‘Francis Bacon’s Contribution to Shakespeare’ published by Routledge, Dr Barry R. Clarke argues that Francis Bacon made a contribution to Love’s Labour’s Lost which was intended for performance at the 1595 Gray’s Inn revels but was cancelled. wishes to acknowledge the excellent Shakespeare -Bacon research from Barry Clarke. Check out and enjoy his pages here:

Barry has a PhD from Brunel University, UK on the thesis “A linguistic analysis of Francis Bacon’s contribution to three Shakespeare Plays : The Comedy of Errors, Love’s Labour’s Lost, and The Tempest.

His paper on the Virginia Company and The Tempest questioning Shakespeare’s access to the Strachey letter appeared in the Journal of Drama Studies (July 2011). A book chapter, “The Virginia Company’s role in The Tempest” examining Bacon’s connections to the play appears in Petar Penda, “The Whirlwind of Passion : New Critical Perspectives on William Shakespeare” (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016).

Barry is the Author of “Francis Bacon’s Contribution to Shakespeare: A New Attribution Method (Routledge Studies in Shakespeare)“.

“Francis Bacon’s Contribution to Shakespeare: A New Attribution Method”

Dr. Barry R. Clarke’s new book, Francis Bacon’s Contribution to Shakespeare: A New Attribution Method, will be published by Routledge, Feb. 6, 2019.
It will be available in paperback as well.

Recent articles on the book include: “Mark Rylance takes on Shakespeare establishment in authorship row,” The Guardian, Jan. 19, 2019,