Song written and created by Maryellen McCabe

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Song written and created by Maryellen McCabe
Maryellen McCabe | HEROES & HEROINES for Human Rights and Peace

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There is a destiny to help humanity
There is a grand design
It began in an ancient time
To build Plato’s New Atlantis
Is the mission of Sir Francis

Like Prometheus reaching
to heaven for fire,
to bring to the earth
what the masters inspired
the Spear Shaking poet
Lord Bacon conspired, this Utopian Land, the brotherhood of man.
Like Arthurian knights of the Holy Grail
There’s a story to tell; it’s like a fairy tale
with his Rosy Cross band,
Together they planned,
this Utopian Land, the brotherhood of man
But beware….. do not dare
to misuse nature’s key
the hidden truths of alchemy
The mind of Science
Like Satan’s defiance
Can lead mankind astray
Love must guide the mind on its way.

The Amateur

The Amateur a dramatic film that came out in 1982 starring Christopher Plummer, John Savage, Marthe Keller, Arthur Hill, and directed by Charles Jarrott has several scenes in which Francis Bacon and Shakespeare are mentioned. The plot centers around the girlfriend of a CIA computer expert who is murdered. Her boyfriend (Savage’s character) decides to doggedly hunt down her killer. In the beginning of his search the Savage character meets with CIA brass to explain how he plans to use Big Bertha, the CIA computer, to run down a facsimile of a 1586 letter from Mary Queen of Scots that portends that she is planning to murder Elizabeth 1st. Savage tells the CIA boss that he is “looking for numerical sequences, acrostics, Elizabethan substitution systems and Bacon’s biliteral cyphers.” Then there is a scene in which Savage attends a lecture on Shakespeare and Bacon cyphers by a university professor played by Christopher Plummer. Later the two characters meet up on a train ride sharing the same compartment.

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