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In honor of SirBacon.org’s 25th Anniversary we wish to acknowledge Maureen Ward-Gandy, and her work as England’s leading Graphologist until her passing in 2019.

Maureen Ward-Gandy B Ed CDE BCFE Professional Consultant in Forensic Documents and Handwriting Specialist (registered with the British Law Society)

Related Documents: In Christina Waldman’s book, “Francis Bacon’s Hidden Hand in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, A Study of Law, Rhetoric and Authorship,” the full Maureen Gandy Handwriting report can be found.

What’s New is What’s Old

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Today, October 10, 2022, 25 years after SirBacon.org was launched, we thought we’d share some of our oldest work. The What’s New Page has been a key part of SirBacon.org and is still today. When we rebuilt the website we included What’s New content from 2016 forward, but today we are offering a glimpse of the past with the What’s New on SirBacon.org Archives containing everything from 1998 through 2015. (Keep in mind websites, links, and email addresses are not permanent. We’ll aim to clean up outdated links in time.)

What's New on SirBacon.org Archives


Seeking Contributions for the 25th Anniversary of SirBacon.org

Celebrate SirBacon.org turning 25 with us in October 2022

Deadline: Midnight September 30, 2022.

Purpose: To collect memories, antidotes, or other thoughts from Baconians on how Sir Francis Bacon or SirBacon.org has impacted or influenced you. Your thoughts may be personal, professional, spiritual, none of the above or all of the above. Graphics can be included.

If you are a Baconian, as I am, and Sir Francis Bacon and SirBacon.org has meaning or is important for you, please contribute a sentence or two, an essay, or more if you wish. Graphics and artwork will be accepted as well. We’ll try to put something nice together for us all to enjoy.

Send contributions to 25years@SirBacon.org

For ideas you can view submissions and read the full essays from 2004:

A Selection of Contributors answer the Question: “What does Francis Bacon Mean To You?”

Please pass on this information to Baconians and fans of SirBacon.org.

Thank you!