Francis Carr





"If a man will begin with certainties,
he will end in doubts;
but if he will be content to begin with doubts,
he will end in certainties."--Sir Francis Bacon

Someday there should be a statue somewhere dedicated to Francis Carr, and preferably that statue will reside in Stratford-upon- Avon after the wheels of truth finally kick down the walls of lies, greed and hypocrisy. All Baconians owe a debt of gratitude for his long service.
Francis Carr was not only a man after literary truth but a man passionately dedicated to following that truth to where it took him and sharing back what he discovered from his tireless journey of 50 years research.
I will remember his life long avocation regarding Francis Bacon's Authorship of the Shakespeare Plays and the truth about the great novel Don Quixote, his sense of humor, his World War II stories when he was stationed in Italy and more importantly his dogged persistence. Francis Carr was not afraid to call it the way he saw it and knock on all the doors of those who were hiding behind lies. In this way he was unlike the fictional character, Don Quxiote, who only dreamed of taking heroic actions, Francis Carr, took action by having a lawsuit against the corrupt Shakespeare Establishment in Stratford back in the early 1960's, while publishing his Forthnightly Authorship Bulletin which was indicative of his passion for the advancement of truth.
But what I will remember most about Francis Carr was his friendship, his hospitality, and camaraderie when we went on little Bacon jaunts together visiting places like Gorhambury, St. Albans, Bacon's former area of residence in Twickenhan Park, fabulous estates, attending Bacon Society meetings in London, and all the telephone calls, emails and letters we exchanged over the years.

In the 1990's I was a young Baconian American when I first visited Francis and his lovely wife Jane. There were several meetings where he allowed me to interview him in Brighton with spirited conversation that would last for hours on end only to be interrupted for lunch or dinner. I had a true sense of family with the Carrs. We were bonded by our crazy obsession against the insurmountable odds of a world that deemed it necessary to worship an incapable man who left no evidence that he could read or write yet is given claim to the works of the Shakespeare Plays and Poems. We were bonded by a world that did not want to publish his insightful book,"Who Wrote Don Quixote?" Yet Francis Carr persisted and after 12 years finally was able to produce his book as a self publication. Some day this book will be required reading on how cultural assumptions become truths which maintain false realities passed on from generation to generation. Francis Bacon had a phrase for this, and he called it, "The Four Idols." Francis Carr embodied the challenge of Francis Bacon to seek and question truth and authorities who should know better, he was a man whose life passion will live on in this World as long as the importance of Truth is valued. Francis Carr was a man I am proud to say was my friend and colleague and I will miss him.

Lawrence Gerald,
Oakland, California
August 26, 2009


More Details on Francis Carr's life

A 1991 Interview with Francis Carr

Francis Carr lived with his wife Jane, in Brighton, they have a daughter and a son, who is also an author.

In the last seven months of the last world war Francis Carr took part in the Italian campaign as a platoon commander. In 1945,as he had to wait for nine months for the academic year to begin, he became a public speaker for the Conservative Party and a private secretary to the MP for Rutland, Lord Willoughby. After taking the Academic Diploma course at the School of Slavonic Studies at London University, he worked as a copywriter at one of the largest magazine publishers in London. He then became the director of Residence Recitals, presenting Cultural events at houses of historic importance. Many well-known actors and musicians took part. For seven year Carr edited the monthly history magazine, past and future. In each issue there was an article on future trends in a wide variety of subjects, such as population, war, medicine, women, architecture, and morality. Since 1972 Carr has written books which challenge the establishment in art history, Russian history and musicology. His new book contradicts the English and the Spanish Literary establishments, rejecting the claims of Shakespeare as the playwright and Cervantes as the author of Don Quixote. His books have been translated into German, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch and Japanese. His books refute outdated teaching. His biography of Mozart is the only book which gives a full account of the composer's death and burial, demolishing the claim that he died of natural causes. Carr's biography of Ivan the Terrible gives, for the first time, a full account of this tyrant's savagery, unlike previous works which minimize Ivan's barbarity. In his Hstory Of Erotic Art, Carr has singled out the Christian Church as the most harmful agent in the development of the erotic. For years he has directed the Shakespeare Authorship Information Centre, for more details see

























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