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....." A few months after the publication of Cosmic Consciousness, on February 19, 1902, Bucke died as a result of an accidental fall. He had spent the evening with friends discussing the Bacon-Shakespeare controversy and, upon returning home, 'could not resist the desire to go out once more to look at the night and stars.' On the verandah, he slipped, struck his head against a pillar, and dropped lifeless to the floor."-- excerpt from Richard Maurice Bucke, Medical Mystic : Letters of Dr. Bucke to Walt Whitman and His Friends, by Arten Lozynsky, Wayne State Universty Press, 1977.


"It is claimed that Bacon was really two men (the self-conscious Bacon and the Cosmic Conscious Bacon); that the man seen by Bacon's contemporaries and in the prose works was the former, while the concealed man who produced the plays and "Sonnets" was the latter. The Cosmic-Conscious Bacon had the use of all the learning and of all the faculties of the self conscious Bacon, and along with these the vast spiritual insight and powers which go with possession of Cosmic Consciousness."---Richard Maurice Bucke from his book Cosmic Consciousness.
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** - Sir Francis Bacon's New Advancement of Learning