"In December 1624, with the year 1625 printed on its title-page, Francis Bacon published The Translation of Certain Psalms into English Verse, and set his full name to the book.
It is the only book of poems that bears his name, and contains no more than seven psalms. The psalms selected by Bacon are numbers 1, 12, 90, 104, 126, 137, and 149. The shortest (no. 126) consists of twenty, the longest (no. 104) and most beautiful of one hundred and twenty lines, written in verse form. All the verses (with one exception) are rhymed. One psalm is in four lined, two in eight lined stanzas. Three of the psalms are written in the same form as the Shakespeare epic Venus and Adonis, in six lined stanzas. The longest one, Psalm 104, is written in heroic couplets--like certain passages in the Shakespeare Plays.
Would a man who had had little or no practice at all in verse writing not have at least preferred to write the seven poems in the same metre or in the same stanza forms? Bacon did not do so, as becomes an experienced poet, he chose for each psalm that form which suited it best."

---from Edwin Bormann's Francis Bacon's Cryptic Rhymes

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