Presented before his Majesty, & the Banquetting House at Whitehall on Saturday, February 20th, 1612
To the worthy, Sir Francis Bacon, His Majesty's Solictory-General, and the grave and learned Bench of the anciently-allied houses of Grays Inn and the Inner Temple, the Inner Temple and Gray's Inn.

"You that have spared no time nor travel in the setting forth, ordering, and furnishing of this Masque (being the first fruits of honour, in this kind, which these two societies have offered to his Majesty) will not think much now to look back upon the effects of your own care and work; for that whereof the success was then doubtful is now happily performed.....And you, Sir Francis Bacon, especially, as you did then by your countenance and loving affections advance it, so let your good word grace, it and defend it, which is able to add value to the greatest and least of matters."
--Francis Beaumont a contemporary of Bacon who dedicated a masque to the Gentlemen of Grays Inn and the Inner Temple, thanking Bacon for his help during the Christmas revels of 1594 - Sir Francis Bacon's New Advancement of Learning