Heraldic Achievement of Arms
Francis Bacon

a variation of this emblem was used on the frontispiece to Vol II of Bacon's works (1740)
Crest : A boar passant, ermine, a crescent for difference.
Supporters : Two Roman Officers , Like the two stars (mullets), signifying Castor and Pollux


According to Peter Dawkins from The Wisdom of Shakespeare in As You Like It, p.182 .....with the idea of Gemini--the twins, Castor and Pollux, of whom Sesau and Jacob are biblical equivalents. Pollux is the heavenly or immortal brother, whilst Castor is the earthly or mortal twin. The two demonstrate the two basic ways of learning--academic and experiential. The duality also relates to how the mind works in order to see and understand, using reason and imagination, or analysis and conceptualisation, which the double-edged sword symbolises.

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