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The Prima Facie Case for Shakespeare Drafted by legally qualified oxfraudians

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15 hours ago, Christie Waldman said:

Eric, it wasn't about correcting a blunder as about wanting to know what you meant. I meant to be asking for clarification. But if you are content to leave it, that's ok.

After a bit of research on Oxfraud.com and their Facebook page, I'm now better informed about the term "oxfraudian". In the process of forcing myself to read their blatant propaganda, I was struck by how gallantly you took on the main antagonists, Buchan, Leadbetter and Johnson, without animosity or vindictiveness, despite their attempts to dismiss your arguments. I must say that I was appalled by the snarky, belittling way in which the life of Francis Bacon is presented on their website. https://oxfraud.com/BC-Bacon General impression: this is an attempt at a fait accompli, a publicity campaign  on the part of Stratfordians aimed at taking the high ground in the authorship debate by pretending there is no debate.

More than a little "Trumpian" and "Putinesque" (Putinian?) in their black & white reductionist conservatism.

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26 minutes ago, Eric Roberts said:

It seems that about 20 years ago Lawrence wrote this blistering critique of the famous Stratfraudian, Sir Stanley William Wells CBE. Well worth re-reading: https://sirbacon.org/wells.htm

A SirBacon.org Classic! 

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