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The Feigned Death of Lord Bacon

A Phoenix

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On 3/16/2023 at 8:06 AM, Eric Roberts said:

In the Autumn of 1616, Baron De La Warr and his wife Cecilia Shirley West, introduced John Rolfe and his wife, Pocahontas, into English society.


Following this lead read this today about Jamestown graves. Maybe De La War was one of them?


“There are so many graves cutting through graves, cutting through graves, cutting through graves,” Kelso said. “To sort it out archaeologically is much more complicated than any of us” realized.

Ancestry.com has my ancestors "Hale's" in and around Jamestown by 1616 or so. 🙂

What's funny, all these years even as a kid growing up around there in Virginian hearing about Elizabeth and James I in history, and then 25 years of being a passionate Baconian later I have never made one mental connection of "Virginia" referring to Elizabeth I as "Virgin Queen' until A. Phoenix mentioned it in the last day or so! LOL

Blinded by the Light? 😉


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2 hours ago, A Phoenix said:

"sic sedebat" - so he sat

Edited by Eric Roberts
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3 hours ago, A Phoenix said:

You couldn't pick a more symbolic day, Easter Sunday, to stage your own death. Thanks for pointing this out, A.P.

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