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The Feigned Death of Lord Bacon

A Phoenix

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Back on topic, I recently came across an article by Ella Horsey (BACONIANA Vol. XXXV No. 140 July 1951) that not only challenges the view that Francis's marriage was a failure, but argues that his wife may have played a central role in the feigning of his own death. My apologies to anyone who has already read the article, but for those who haven't, like myself, it is interesting to hear a cogent interpretation of Francis Bacon's marriage to Alice Barnham written by a female Baconian. It presents his intimate life, not as a failure due to his neglect and Alice's capriciousness, but in a much more positive light.

ALICE BARNHAM by Ella Horsey .pdf

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Francis Carr one of my Great Mentors.  He proved to me to be more sane than most by putting it out there about Don Quixote and Bacon and Shakespeare.  It rocks the core, and Carr is Right about their Connections. Carr also shared with me the Best WWII stories when he was stationed in Italy.  I am Grateful  to have gone on several Bacon jaunts with Francis Carr and his son Philip  who allowed sirbacon.org to post his father's book "Who Wrote Don Quixote?"

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