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I’m putting up a new introduction here as I’ve been contributing to this forum since its inception and written a lot of posts. I’d like to ‘set out my stall’ not for other members who already know me, but for anyone browsing.

Some of (not too many) my posts, I no longer agree with. Either because a) deeper research has led me to new info or new info has surfaced and b) because, with hindsight I see ideas I explored (although it was perhaps a necessary detour for me personally on the ‘Shakespeare authorship trail’) that I’d rather delete. To do so though would impact on the overall flow of threads, so I have left them up.

There are two apt phrases that fit my ethos: “A wise man will change his mind, a fool never will.” Also, Aristotle apparently once said: "The mark of an educated mind is to entertain a thought without accepting it."

Francis Bacon wrote these wise words:


We should watch for that.

I love investigating and entertaining things that others may automatically dismiss. Too many people in life have shouted important things into the void. They have been dismissed because ‘the crowd’ were all following each other in the wrong direction or had chosen to listen to the most authoritative voice. Being openminded & contemplating/researching things for oneself is the pathway to truth.

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music” - Friedrich Nietzsche (who thought Bacon was Shakespeare!) 

I stand by everything about Bacon that I point to in my book, and it is still my belief that Sir Francis Bacon was either the author of – or the Mastermind behind – the Rosicrucian First Folio attributed to Shakespeare. As a starter, one only has to read Manes Verulamiani or this excellent paper by A. Phoenix https://www.academia.edu/90586683/Great_and_Rare_Quotes_About_Francis_Bacon_and_The_Shakespeare_Works to know this.

I’m primarily here to sift & sort and read other ideas. I’d love nothing more than to try and help see Bacon’s involvement confirmed in a way that even Stratfordians will have to accept (as I grew up in the area, and worked in Stratford upon Avon, I know first-hand what a big business it is). However, if some information that proves Bacon was not Shakespeare and not involved in the FF arises, so be it. There’s nothing worse than being rigid or dogmatic about beliefs. I avoid this type of competiveness (below)at all costs:


Taken from https://sirbacon.org/overheard.htm

I also want to say here for any visitor, that I do not believe in the Dr Orville Owen or Elizabeth Wells-Gallup theory of a long ‘confession’ hidden in cipher in the First Folio. Parts of what they say may be true, but I personally don’t think Bacon said those words or hid them in the FF. 

That is not to say that there is no cipher at all in the FF or to imply that I dismiss the theory that the Friedman’s were not telling the whole truth in their book Shakespeare Examined. It looks likely that they knew more than they were able to say, which is perhaps why they left the cipher on their gravestone in Arlington cemetery (there is evidence it’s there from Elizebeth Friedman’s own hand). 

The fact that the Friedman’s do not say in their book that they don’t think Bacon was Shakespeare (and even encourage Baconians to keep looking) is a very important point. 

I also think that number ciphers can be read in so many different ways, one has to be careful not to try and make things fit, and the same with acrostics, but it’s fun trying. The fact Bacon told us that this is how things are concealed (below) is all the proof one needs that forums like this are valuable for discourse, and for investigators to bring things to the light that were once concealed. Thanks to Lawrence and Rob for hosting it. ❤️


PS. I have a sense of humour too. Don’t want the lengthy post above to sound too serious or self-important!👩🏻‍💻 💃

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 "For nothing is born without unity or without the point." amazon.com/dp/B0CLDKDPY8

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