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Durning-Lawrence Library, University of London, in the news, 2/4/22, nice article by Karen Attar, librarian

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But why do you say so? Did you read Karen Attar's article? "Our views" may differ, as has been expressed on this site by Light-of-Truth.  "Baconians"  are those who study the life and writings of Francis Bacon with objectivity but respect, not with an agenda of discrediting him or blaming him for all the woes of modern society. At core, though, I think it is very much in line with Bacon's teachings for her to say, in her fourth paragraph of the article, "Believing passionately that Sir Francis Bacon wrote Shakespeare’s plays, Durning-Lawrence assembled a large number of books and pamphlets arguing for and against that theory. So, the room symbolises, too, the value of debate. It stands at the heart of the library much as questioning and the conviction that questioning matters stand at the heart of a great university." When I read "A Baconian and His Books" some time ago, I did not find her unsympathetic to "our views." I thought it was great a librarian took an interest in Edwin Durning-Lawrence.

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