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The Time When Bacon was Born

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Yesterday I started poking around with this resource:


There are several volumes with indexes and searchable which is nice.

On Jan 22, 1560 (old style year), there is a note that Robert Dudley sent a servant, Archye Cragge, to visit the Queen or the palace. I'd not seen that before. It appears Throckmorton was not very happy with that.

Jan. 22 915. Throckmorton to Cecil.


1. Cecil will perceive some discrepancy in this letter from that which the writer sent on the 18th by a Scotchman, named Cunningham. The Queen of Scotland has changed her determination in treating with her subjects concerning her marriage and the state of religion in her realm. She will win all sorts of men to serve her turn by, if it be possible.


2. On the 20th inst. there arrived a servant of Lord Robert Dudley, a Scotchman named Archye Cragge, with a letter from his master, testifying that the cause of his repair into these parts was to recover certain goods due to him on the late death of one of his kinsmen in this realm. Understands that he has another errand in hand that tends little to the Queen's service or Throckmorton's credit. "Sir, it is not amiss that Princes and their Councillors use more ministers than one in matters of state, but if I were not party, me thinketh it advanceth little their service that such base personages should so use their practises as the Princes' Ambassadors' credit at home and abroad should be brought in question." Hopes that on their return they will speak truth. —Orleans, 22 Jan. 1560. Signed.

I spent some time yesterday reading before and after Bacon's birthday to get a better understanding of what was going on. Interesting stuff.

I suspect that Throckmorton had to know about Bacon as it seems he must have been in contact with Elizabeth very often.

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